Fred Biletnikoff 1971(?) Studio One/Renselaar Sports Illustrated SI Poster

Fred Biletnikoff Studio One or Renselaar Sports Illustrated Poster

Interesting auction just posted to eBay – a rare Fred Biletnikoff poster from the early 1970s. Seller says it’s a glossy from 1971. Now, as far as I know, the 1971 SI posters were still published by Renselaar Corp. in matte finish, while Studio One’s glossy posters didn’t start until 1972 or 1973. Either Studio One did start in 1971; the seller has mis-dated this, and it’s actually from ’72 or ’73; or it’s actually a Renselaar poster that was printed in glossy format for some reason. In any case, this is sure to be a hard-fought auction – I’m guessing $100+. We’ll see where it ends up!

Update 06/12/2007: Whaddya know – ended at $95.00, to what looks like a serious Raiders fanatic.

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