WNBA Players: What posters did you have on your wall as a kid?

WNBA Logos Poster 

If you are interested in knowing what posters the stars of the WNBA had on their walls when they were kids, check out this article posted to WNBA.com, from, I believe, early 2006 – “Looking Up For Inspiration”:

With all that it takes to succeed as an athlete, let alone a professional athlete at the very top of your sport, it takes more than a little inspiration. So where did some of today’s best WNBA players find this motivational force? Some needed to look no further than their bedroom walls growing up, because more than a few hung up posters over their beds… athletes, musicians and even heart throbs.

Sue Bird
Seattle Storm
I had the Michael Jordan spread out “Wings” poster. It was awesome over that whole wall.

Yolanda Griffith
Sacramento Monarchs
“I had a lot of basketball posters. Everyone had Michael Jordan, but my favorite player was Scottie Pippen. He still is even though he’s retired.”

Diana Taurasi
Phoenix Mercury
“I had Magic Johnson shooting a hook shot, early Metallica from the Black Album era, Guns-n-Roses with the four guys and then I had a Michael Jordan ‘Victory’ poster.”

Marie Ferdinand
San Antonio Silver Stars
“They were all basketball-related. Michael Jordan. I was just so into him. He was so good. You know how someone can be so good at something, that even if they don’t look like Brad Pitt, you can be drop-dead gorgeous. That was me with Jordan. Not to say he’s not a handsome guy, because he is, but more so now because of his talent.”

Lisa Leslie,
Los Angeles Sparks

“No, we weren’t allowed to put posters on the wall because it might mess up the paint.”

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