Studio One Poster Photos

Per my last posting, here are some of my favorite Studio One Posters…

1977 Robin Yount Studio One1977 Cliff Branch Studio One1977 George Brett Studio One1977 Lynn Swann Studio One1977 Sal Bando Studio One1977 Delvin Williams Studio One1978 Vida Blue Studio One1977 Walter Payton Studio One

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6 Comments on “Studio One Poster Photos”

  1. The Walter “Sweetness” Payton one is the best!

  2. george Says:

    ok, here it goes…and i am SANE, i am a huge Joe Namath collector, and i know for a fact that there WAS a Namath poster, regular size , etc, of him in a Rams uni, as many of you probably forget, he played in LA in 1977, although even photos are kinda rae, and its usually the same 6- 7 poses, there was a poster, and only 2 posters of him in a Jets uni…can anyone help me, i am willing to to spend in the thousands for one in good shape, Rams , that is, or , if anyone knows if there was a poster of him in the green jersey, later 70’s, with that huge fask mask he wore, hope to hear from someone soon, thanks again

  3. Bob Hughey Says:

    I am in the market for two Studio One sports posters from the 1970s bearing the images of Steelers Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene. Each player is seen wearing his black home jersey, with Bradshaw WITHOUT a chin strap and Greene playing against the Houston Oilers.
    I am willing to pay “top dollar,” depending on the condition of the posters.
    My email address is
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. teedaa Says:

    Can anyone tell me how many marketcom posters were made of steelers players and who they were? I have in my collection of marketcom/SI posters: bradshaw, harris, greene, ham, and lambert…where there any others? I seem to remember marketcom/SI also doing posters of swann, stallworth, bleier and blount?…anyone out there know?

  5. Paul Says:

    I have few rare SI posters 1970s, Lynn Swann, Erving,Ken Stabler,Connie Hawkie, and Jack Youngblood. I have others. All of them are on Ebay item right now. End by Sunday, May 16, 2010

    • TJ Says:

      Paul, no white border on the swann poster? If anyone has the SI swann poster with white border…I’m buying!

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