Kareem Adbul-Jabbar 1974 SI Poster (Studio One)

(Posting by Neil Flagg)

Here’s how great this hobby is – after a decade in the business, I’m still coming across posters I’ve never seen before! Here’s a beauty, from the rare Studio One Sports Illustrated years (1973-1978):

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1974 SI Poster Studio One Milwaukee Bucks

An amazing Kareem skyhook poster from 1974 – his final season with the Milwaukee Bucks – and to top it off, he’s schooling the center for his soon-to-be team, the L.A. Lakers! This one is up for auction now, ending July 3. The condition doesn’t look great, but these ultra-thin-paper posters from Studio One are nearly impossible to find without ripples and creases. I can’t vouch for the seller, but here’s the link to the auction if you are interested. We’ll see where it ends up – in better condition, I’d guess easily $100, but with such a lousy photograph, I don’t think it will go for more than $30. We’ll see…

UPDATE July 1/07 – Winning bid, $42.77. A fair price for a very tough piece!

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