Tough Find – 1985 Tony Perez SI Poster

Every once in awhile I’m going to upload some of the tougher classic Sports Illustrated and Studio One posters to find.  Today I’m featuring a rare Tony Perez white border from approximately 1985. 

1985 Tony Perez SI poster

SI did not date the majority of their posters, thus the date is a best guess estimate (Perez played for the Reds until 1976 and then back again from 1984-86.)

As with many Sports Illustrated posters, they would release regional stars in their specific trading area.  I believe this was the case with Perez, primarily based upon his absence in most SI poster advertisements of that era.  I’ve viewed literally hundreds of vintage print ads for SI posters and have never seen a Perez listed.  This may indicate a couple of points; 1.  People who ordered SI posters via print ad didn’t even know Perez was available and 2.  He was likely a low print variation with limited distribution. 

Again, SI and their printer/licensee (Marketcom) never released print quantities for these posters, so it’s really impossible to be absolutely sure.  That said, I rarely see this beauty up for sale and when available (three times in the last 8 years by my count) it went between $50 and $80.

 Another Great example of that super rare poster collectible.

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One Comment on “Tough Find – 1985 Tony Perez SI Poster”

  1. Billychezcheese Says:

    Do you have this poster for sale? If so, how much do you want for it?

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