Fathead Customer Feedback Forum: Complaints, Compliments, Value Proposition

The biggest noise in the sports poster market in the past two years has been made by Fathead LLC, the deep-pocketed newcomer to the sports wall graphics market. Spending millions on a high-profile advertising campaign featuring professional athletes, owners Camelot Ventures (Dan Gilbert and David Katzman, who also own the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers) hope to replace the $9 poster with the $99 wall cling as the most common way to decorate the room of a sports fan.

As a sports poster retailer, we have been given the opportunity to add the Fathead line to our product catalog. However, we have a couple of concerns to address before we decide whether or not it is worth the trouble. I would like to solicit feedback from customers who have purchased Fathead wall-clings in the past, to find out how the product is in practice. In particular, we’d like to know the following:

1) Has the stickiness of your Fathead endured the test of time? How long did it take before it began to lose its stickiness and start peeling from the wall? Or, has it stayed strong and flat to this day?

2) Does the fact that the Fathead wall graphics are actually split in two parts bother you? Does this affect the overall look of the graphic, or does it not make a difference?

3) Does the product look as good in person, as it did online or on TV? If not, was it a great disappointment? Or, alternatively, is it just as awesome out of the package?

4) Was the product worth the price you paid?

We’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below! (Note: if you are reading this post from our main blog page, and can’t figure out how to leave a comment…just click the button just below here to the right, that says “x comments”.)

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346 Comments on “Fathead Customer Feedback Forum: Complaints, Compliments, Value Proposition”

  1. j somona Says:

    I have bought many Fatheads and they are truly awesome. They are much bigger than you expect. 2 of the Fatheads I have moved from room to room. and they still stick great. My kids have thrown stuff at them and clawed at them and they have held up very well. They have new military vehicles, planes and helicopters. My kids already want to redecorate their room!

  2. r lederman Says:

    I have a couple of Fatheads that have been in my son’s room for almost two years. They are awesome. They still stick even after moving them a couple of times. They have held up beautifully. I strongly recommend these to anyone.

  3. please keep us posted on feedback. consumer thoughts on our product very important to us. thanks.

  4. My first Fathead was John Elway. I have a couple more on my Christmas list as I’m contemplating decorating my entire home office in Fathead. To answer your questions:

    1. No problems with Mr. Elway peeling off my wall .
    2. Don’t really understand the question.
    3. The product is BETTER in person than it was on their web site. I’ve had the honor of meeting John Elway in person when I lived in Denver. He autographed a football for me. Very nice guy, by the way. The point is that seeing him in person and seeing my Fathead every time I walk into my office, I can tell you that the Fathead is about as close to reality as you can get.
    4. I bought the Elway Fathead last year – when they were charging $150 per. So considering that the price is 2/3s of that now, I would say it’s well worth it.

    I’ll check back to see what you decide to do.

  5. bob Says:

    My fathead is horrible it was up for 2 days & then fell off. I strongly recommend NOT buying one.

    • Paul Says:

      I purchased one new from Sports Authority.It fell off the wall and the way it landed it has wrinkles and creases now.

      I call them up(FatHead) and they started asking me is my wall was smooth.

      I wanted to say no sir I am from Atlanta and we still live in log cabins mortared with horse crap.

      So now they asked me to call SA up and ask them if they will refund me or have them place a new order,lol.

      FATHEAD is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

      DO NOT BUY

  6. Jon Says:

    Not worth the cost.

  7. albym Says:

    My fatheads stick from that rubbery smaell. Does the smell go away evr or does it keep stinking up my sons room.? Is it harmful in anyway or can the smell be washed away?

  8. LWall Says:

    I purchased a Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 AMP car for my son and it didn’t last 8 hours. If fell off the wall in a crinkled mess and was unusable. I checked their website for warranty return info and couldn’t find it. I just figured I made a bad purchase. Recently I received another solicitation by e-mail and I fired off my comments, low and behold they did respond with a 25% off of full purchase price with a no shipping fee offer. I finally started digging and found the 60 day warranty buried in their “Terms and Conditions” obviously I was outside the warranty period so I didn’t expect much. I passed on the offer. To me any company that isn’t upfront about their warranty and return policy isn’t worth doing business with. Shame though, it looked good for the 30 minutes I got to enjoy it with my son.

    Purchase again: No way

    • jeb Says:

      youre an idiot.
      did you prep the wall before?

      • EJ2 Says:

        Hey jeb – I am surprised no one has called you on this yet. where do you get off calling someone a name? how rude! go sit in the corner until you can behave yourself like a mature adult!!!!!!!!!!

    • DougH Says:

      Jeb is right. What normal person spends $100 on something that doesnt last 30 minutes and doesnt try and get their issue resolved?

      • HotCarl Says:

        Jeb is right, Im guessing the guy is an idiot. What normal person spends $100 on a product and fails to read the directions on how to install it. Then goes online and complains it didnt work.

  9. RClaude Says:

    Purchesed my fathead Jan/07. Now forgive me if I’m wrong or I miss read something, but I do not see where you cannot hang a fathead, but just that the suface should be flat and cleaned. I have mine in my garage on a cleaned, flat surface. Everything was fine up until July/Aug 2008 when the top of the helmet kept falling down. I kept putting it back up and weeks later it would fall down again. I started to think when my garage door was open that the sun hitting on may have something to do with this. I would keep the garage door down and it would keep falling down. I finally called them in Nov/08 and they said they were not meant to be in the garage but only in a climate control environment ( did I miss that in thier website somewhere )? The customer service lady told me to try using the spray adhesive glue. Nope…did not work. Ofcoarse I’m past the warranty time so I’ve pretty much given up but I’m here to hopefully help those that are looking to buy a Fathead. It seems like a good product, but I think they knew upfront that they are not meant t hang up in a finished garage. And shame on them for not indicating where a fathead will not work….Buyer Beware.

    • lines Says:

      My son’s Clay Matthews peeled on the helmet as well, and his was in his climate controlled bedroom! The smaller decals also peeled and we had to keep pressing them back up…It wasn’t your garage.

  10. T.Howard Says:

    All of these people must have gotten paid to say all these great things about these fathead stickers, because I bought 1 and got the other free and they DON’T stick well at all. I put them on my son’s wall and 5 minutes later they had fallen off. They are much much smaller than you see on tv. I was very disappointed with what I recieved. I’ll never order from them again. My order took place 12/08. Fathead sucks!

  11. Stevens229 Says:

    Just put up our first Fathead today…looks great and my 13 year old sports nut really liked it. But it has that heavy PVC smell (like a new car) that is strong and worrisome…not a good thing. It stuck easily and well on a perfectly clean, painted wall. Very easy to put up and the two pieces lined up well.

  12. J. McElvain Says:

    We bought our son two fatheads for christmas. He was excited and when we hung the first up, we all thought that it looked great. At least for the two hours it hung on his wall. When we went back to his room, it was rolled back up in a sticky pile on the floor. We carefully unrolled it and hung it again. We used tape on the edges to give it more support. Well it lasted through the night, now it’s coming down again. We followed all the instructions. I must admit that the website says apply on a smooth, non textured wall. Our walls are very lightly textured, so maybe that is the problem. But I’d guess 99% of homes have some sort of texturing on the walls. Why make a product that doesn’t stick to 99% of the walls they are meant to go on.?. I’m not really worried about damaging the paint because I feel if we get this bad boy to stick, it will be around for awhile. When it’s time to take it down, it will be time to paint anyway. I like the look of the product, but I just have to figure out how to get it to stay on the wall. Any suggestions??? I’m not giving up. Would I buy again? Probably not! Would I recommend? Probably not!

  13. Bryan Krueger Says:


    • Guy Says:

      If you read the instructions that came with the fathead it blatantly states: “I do not stick to textured or uneven walls”

      • Stephanie Says:

        It should be on the website BEFORE you spend $100! Who’s going to completely refinish their walls after the fact because they got a Fathead!

    • sonja grimes Says:

      I have textured walls and my sons have been up for about 3 years. I have even moved them to another room.. no problems so far!

  14. Connie Mechler Says:

    I bought this for my 10 yr old son’s bedroom. It looked fantastic for the 1st day, until it fell down into a crumpled ball when we were gone for the weekend. We unstuck it from itself, and have just re-hung it, but not with much hope of it sticking. I agree, whose walls aren’t textured in this world??? Of course, that is hidden away, and I didn’t find that until after I went looking on the website after the fact. While it is still under warranty, it is disappointing because what my son really wants is this fathead on his wall, not money back. If you go with the product, be aware of all of the issues that come with it!!

  15. Jessica Smiddy Says:

    My son got a Clinton Portis FatHead for his birthday. He was so excited after we finally got it up on the wall. It lasted only 5 days until it fell down. We carefully rolled it back out and restuck it to the wall. That lasted only 24hrs!!!! I do not understand how a company can charge so much for an oversized sticker that does not stick to the wall. Anybody have any suggestions on how we can restick this once again? I thought about nails, but afraid the sticker will just tear through.

  16. The Photo Tex material is by far way better then the fathead material. It will NOT fall off the wall in any temperature change in the room. you can get your own personell image made. I was not impressed with fathead

  17. Greg Horvath Says:

    February 1, 2009
    I bought four Fatheads in December just before Christmas. I thought they looked great. That’s about where the greatness ends.
    Upon reading the material sent with the product it said, “If applying to a freshly painted room to wait 30 days” no problem there. Well we hung them up last night and by morning were already picking up the pieces so to speak. From the narrow strips with players name to the actual Fathead themselves. I spent days painting a black and gold stripped room thinking this was going to be the crowning touch so to speak on my son’s Pittsburgh Steelers room.
    So far I’d have to give a thumbs down on this product and would not recommend buying this to anyone.
    For what I paid for 4 of them it should almost be a felony for the quality of this product not sticking.
    I need suggestions on keeping them up that doesn’t look tacky pardon the pund!

  18. tacticalworks Says:

    They suck. Bronco head up in 20 minutes down in 30…. For $100 they should stick… not suck!! Pun intended!

  19. Berg Says:

    I agree with all of the negative comments above. I have had the exact same experience with my fatheads. They go up and look great and the next day they are all curled up on the wall. despite multiple efforts each day to keep them flat on the wall I am about to give up. What a rip off and disappointment. A great idea for a product but terrible quality and a very misleading website. Who in the world doesn’t have textured walls in their house? Who wants to pay $150 to put them up in their flat-walled garage? I am PISSSSSSED! Any solutions out there on how to keep them up would be greatly appreciated.

  20. PG Says:

    purchased an NFL helmet for my son’s room, but it took some time (many months) to prep the room and get ready to apply the Fathead. So we unroll it and lay it flat for 48 hours. Peel it off and apply. It was on the floor the next morning. Called customer service, they said the explanation in the directions we got did not mention the “30 day paint cure” rule. OK, so I purchase helmet #2, return #1, I get a credit for #2 but I do not get a new warranty. Fathead #2 gets unrolled for 48 hours. The paint has now cured for 45 days. The fathead stayed up for about a month and a half and is now coming off the wall.

    I’m not buying another one. I’d like to figure out how to make this one stick.

  21. DMR Says:

    I put up two fatheads in my sons room in January 2009 and one has done great(David Beckham). The second (Dwayne Wade)fell down about 3 days after it went up. I tried using the hairdryer to heat up the fathead and it helped at first but came down again. I then washed the wall area with rubbing alcohol and it stayed up for a month & half.

    Well, this morning the top half of DWade fell off again. I am going to try the alcohol again and keep my fingers crossed that it stays up.

    P.S. the “extra” stickers that came w/ the Fathead are staying up along with David Beckham.

  22. Ali Baba Says:

    I love fatheads. I cut mine up and used it as scotch tape!

  23. Deathsam Says:

    As a manufacturer of graphics the whole thing seemed fishy. There are several materials that perform the same way. They don’t have their own magic product. Get a small one and put it on a window. It will be trash in six months.

  24. rus powell Says:

    My son’s Tony Romo was was off within 14 hours, what a POS….

  25. Chris R Says:

    What a scam company. My girlfriend got a Darth Vader fathead for me for valentine’s day. I believe she spent around 50 dollars for it. If she would have spent 100 I think she would have been a lot more pissed.

    We went to stick the fathead on the wall using 4 hands. However one of the legs stuck to the other leg while we were putting it up. This led to a nightmare of trying to pull the fathead apart to make it completely flat. The material tore slightly at the legs and there are numerous cuts and small tears in the fabric.

    While I admit we were at fault I called their customer service to see if there was a special cleaner or something we could use to pull it apart easier. Customer service did nothing since it was outside of 30 days. All they could do was give us free shipping on another one. I did not expect anything but you think if they would have offered me another Darth Vader at 15-20 dollars I probably would have ordered another one and chalked it up to my own fault.

    The issue here is that I can not believe you can move the fathead to a different room without getting it stuck together or getting tears in the fabric. Some of the objects are so big and complex that it really takes 10 hands to get the Fathead on the wall.

    Of course the directions do not state this. I just wonder why people even spend the time to pull it apart after it has fallen off the wall. It looks like hell when you do and my girlfriend and I plan to throw ours away if it ever falls.

  26. Theresa Says:

    I have 2 fatheads in our basement and they stuck great and have been very satisfied. However…I am getting ready to have our garage floor finished and wondered if anyone had every tried to apply one to their garage floor and had any success?

  27. L Kleuser Says:

    I bought a Darth Vader fathead for an anniversary present to my husband in 07. Firstly – I was pleasantly surprised with how big it was. Secondly – it came in two pieces, top and bottom, which made it harder to install, but I can understand why they do it that way.

    Now for the bad news. The top half is tinted just barely blue, while the bottom half is tinted slightly red. You cant tell when they are apart but when they are together, it shines like the sun. I could live with that, it was still cool to have Vader up on the wall. 2 – It was placed on a textured wall, a flat texture, not bumpy like popcorn, flat. And the edges continually fell down, we ended up scotch taping them up. Even only after about a week on the wall. I emailed them and got back the “Fathead sticks to anything! Try rolling it better!” Whatever, more tape wasted.

    The third and final complaint is that we moved, and had Vader in storage for about a year, wrapped up EXACTLY as he came shipped to us in the mail. We open it up the other day and stick him on the wall, and he falls down and sticks to himself. WE finally peel him off, and decide to try to look for a solution, other than tape, that would keep him up. Thats what led me to here. I wanted to get my opinion out there, because these things are NOT worth the $$$ we pay for them. Maybe $50, but not $100+

  28. J T Says:

    What a joke. I purchased two fatheads. Put them up as per directions and they were on the floor within 3 days. now they are garbage – falling all the time. I have had them for 3 weeks and will probably throw away as they look awful. Don’t waste your money.

  29. Jen Says:

    Had Darth Vader on my sons wall for 3 months. The top and sides kept lifting, would smooth out again. He screamed in the middle of the night and it had fallen, half on the bed. It was so stuck together, no way to pull apart. Horrible waste of time and money.

  30. Nan Says:

    I agree with Jen. I ordered a Star Wars Figure for my grandsons and in one day it had fallen off on both sides and then the entire thing. I am extremely disappointed, especially for the money. I diddo Jen’s comments…………”Horrible waste of time and money”

  31. I have numerous fathead is my “man cave” and I love them. I think the biggest problem people are having is that they don’t read the instructions or use the squeegees. Some of my Fatheads have been up for two years. People I think we may need to look into the mirror from time to time and chalk some of this up to user error!

  32. Ugh! Says:

    We bought our son an Adian Peterson Fathead. We used a wallpaper roller to make sure it was up good. We had a couple of problems early on, but we stuck his helmet back on the wall and thought we were good. Then over the weekend, my son yelled down that Adian Peterson had fallen down. We went up to his room to find the entire fathead in a wrinkled mess on his bed (it was on the wall behind his bed). We did our best to pull it apart, but it was pretty messed up. Fathead is replacing it (as a one-time exchange). We have textured walls, and I know they say not to use textured walls, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have textured walls unless you have a really old house. I have since learned that other parts of the country don’t use textured walls. We’re on the west coast, and pretty much all contruction for the past 20-30 years here has textured walls. Ugh! But I know several people who have fatheads. We’ll try an inner wall so there isn’t so much temperature variation when we get the new one. Frustrating!

  33. Fathead will fall off the wall with any humidity, you have to try the Photo Tex Material, it withstands all climates indoor or outdoor! I am shocked they have not changed to the Photo Tex material!

  34. Valerie Says:

    Bought Jimmy Johnson car… it stuck for a while and looked great then the front end of car repeatedly fell off…had some success keeping it up with double sided tape…but eventually got sick of finding it hanging and took it down…was out of warranty and was offered 25% off a new one…NO THANKS wasted $100

  35. kurt Says:

    Don’t bother people, they don’t stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Al Chidester Says:

    I tried Fathead and got the same result as most people. IT FELL OFF THE WALL the same day i got it and it was completely ruined. A friend at work directed me to Go-Bigtime.com where I was able to upload a photo of my grandson doing a flying karate kick. The quality of the graphic is spectacular! They use a different type of material than Fathead. Not sure what it is but the edges don’t curl up and it STAYS ON THE WALL!!! Its been 3 months and still looks great. Awesome stuff! I have referred several friends and they have had the same experience. I would try Go-Bigtime,com if you want a graphic that will stick to textured walls.

  37. Paul Augustin Says:

    My 13 year-old son’s Chris Paul Fathead would not stick at all. He has very, very slightly textured walls that were clean and freshly painted over a month ago. I did not even try to call Fathead and complain after all of the complaints I found on the internet.

    I did not want my investment to go to waste. I read where some people had tried rubber cement and others double stick tape. Wanting to be able to take it down and not ruin the Fathead and the wall someday, I used 100% silicone caulk as an adhesive. I carefully went around all of the edges with a small bead of caulk, then added spots all around the center. It worked like a charm!

    It looks awesome in his room, but I will not buy another. If the price was less, and Fathead would jst come out and say “Fatheads do not stick to many surfaces, you may have to use silicone to keep it from falling” I would probably have not been disappointed.

  38. Kurt Says:

    We have had REAL problems with adhesion. They replaced one but still the problems persist. When these fall down it is a MAJOR pain to pull them apart…they seem to do a great job of sticking to themselves and I am not sure how I have avoided ripping it every time I pull it apart to put it back on the wall. I am very concerned that FATHEAD has not adopted the better sheet stock referenced on this website. The best way to get their attention is to BOYCOT this product until they acknowledge the problem and fix it. It really is a cool product even if you tape it to the wall, but the lack of acknowledgement or solution to the problem is arrogant – they are clearly not out in front of it.

    DO NOT BUY until they acknowledge and fix this problem

  39. kyla Says:

    I purchased a David Wright Fathead for my husband for Fathers day and it stayed on the wall for maybe 6hrs. We followed the directions step by step but it did not make a difference, I would not recommend anyone blowing their money on these overpriced products!! And their is NO WAY you could stick them over and over again when the damn thing won’t even stick the first time!! False advertisement!! I had purchased some mario bros wall clings for my son from thinkgeek.com and those stick perfectly on the exact same kind of wall texture as the fathead.

  40. I spent five dollars to get tickets for the carnival, i really wanted the fathead gift card. i won it! i used it the next day for two fathead posters that cost me the whole entire giftcard. I get the posters of the whale and the butterfly, i was happy by how big they were. me and my dad and brother tried putting the sticker on the wall, we couldnt even get it on because it kept falling of! we got it off the wall and it started sticking to itself! i spent my whole entire 100 dollar gift card for stickers that only stick to itself!!! i was so mad and sad! i used my whole entire giftcard for stickers that only sticked to itself. i was crying! it wass really unfair of them to not tell me that it only stuck to textured walls! i mean, it never told me that. now i spent my 100 dollar giftcard on something i cant even use!

  41. JUNK Says:

    DO NOT BUY…Fatheads will fall off. We did my basement used top of line paint and colors to match the Reds. I applied the Reds logo to the wall but it keeps falling off. It is now winkled and ruined. Thanks for nothing..they said to much humdity doesn’t help it…ITS A BASEMENT where you want me to put it the kitchen?

  42. Paul Says:

    Bought two custom fatheads for my sons. Looked great for 3 month then one peeled off the wall. If they stuck to the wall like it sticks to itself they would never fall off. Fatheads customer service makes it sound like its unusual for them to peel off the wall. Looks like it happens frequently. I know you can’t warranty forever but to sell a product that is made to stick to wall and it doesn’t..

  43. Bonnie Says:

    I ordered the Tinkerbell for my granddaughter, it stuck fine. I then ordered the Micky Mouse for my little grandson. It did not stick at all. I called the company they indicated there must be a problem with the wall. When I told them the Tinkerbell stuck fine they agreed to replace it. They did credit my charge card only to recharge it again 30 days later stating they had not received the returned item. I have a UPS tracking number that indicated it WAS delived to them and a name of the person signing for it. Now I have to go through my credit card dispute process. Save your money and the headache.

  44. bob Says:

    Got 2 fatheads for our son’s room. Textured walls with fresh paint that was cured longer than the 30 days recommended. 1 stuck, 1 came off within 6 months. Called fathead customer service. They said to go to a craft store and buy a bottle of spray type low tack adhesive that is vinyl compatable. I will try it and post the results. Not much customer service if you ask me. They just told me how to servr myself.

  45. Thad Says:

    I spend at least a couple of minutes EVERY NIGHT pushing back the corners on my son’s Eli Manning fathead that peels back EVERY DAY. Followed the directions to a tee. $99 is way too much for this product. I’d say $25.00 is what it’s worth, but only if you glue it to a concrete floor or something like that. I would never by another. A true POS.

  46. Sarfaraz Says:

    Am a resident of chennai.

    Its my humble request to chennai corporation and to our honorable Chief Minister Dr.Karunanidhi and all others. Please dont encourage any private owned small firms,politicians and others to stick posters on walls,underbridge walls,pillars,railway stations,temples anywhere across the city. Everyone should put their hands together and put an end to this. Its my humble request to the government that this ugly activity should be stopped rather than advertising through media. Let the city look clean please.

  47. loop Says:

    I recently had a problem with the adhesive not sticking well on my Bears logo Fathead. We contacted the company and the response we got was an offer for 25% off of a new one. Not sure why I would want another one if the first one didn’t stick…Anyway, I decided to try using one of my scrapbook adhesives since they are acid free and photo safe. I used the 3M Scotch brand restickable adhesive on the edges of our Fathead where it had previously been curling up away from the wall. We applied the adhesive directly onto the Fathead and then smoothed it against the wall using the plastic applicator they give you. So far it has worked great and we haven’t had any problems with it coming off. It provided just the right level of tackiness needed to make it stick better and since its restickable it won’t cause a permanent bond. Hope this helps some of you. (Just an fyi, we have slightly bumpy textured walls with a semi-gloss finish paint.)You may want to try a small test area first before using it over a large surface.

  48. Christine Says:

    I received three Fatheads. Two of them were great and have remained on the wall. One, Captain America, fell down within weeks. It was almost ruined b/c it stuck to itself. I need to know how to “restick” it to the wall. Anyone have any suggestions?

  49. allison brown Says:

    I can’t believe how many people are complaining because they didn’t read the instructions! My Fathead has stayed on my walls perfectly with no issues. I am not sure how you can fault the company for user error. AND, why would you call the manufacturer for a return when that’s not where you bought it from? If I bought a piece of furniture from Target and wanted to return it why wouldn’t you call Target first? I say good for Fathead for starting up an American company that manufacturers, employs, and keeps all of their operations in the USA.

    • Ray Brown Says:

      I’m sorry to say Allison, but your post is USELESS. Seems to me that most people here have followed the directions and that it is the manufacturer of the product (not the vendor) who let them down. ABCposters.net has nothing to do with the lack of adhesion of a product made by Fatheads formerly sold by Wallbangers in Europe. You give kudos to a company just because they are supposedly based in the USA and NOT because of the quality of the product. I guess you have a Ford Pinto or Chevrolet Corvair in your garage despite the fact that they are also useless junk. Go USA…IMPROVE!

  50. Bob Says:

    I use phototex that I print on for personal photos and apply to a skip trowel texture and they adhere great. If they wrinkle you can pull apart and re-stick. My supply rep tells me you can ball up material and open back up to reapply to wall.

  51. daniel Says:

    Bought the new halo reach fathead for 80$ the foot came ripped, put the poster on clean non texture wall that has flat paint , and it did not stick for more than 3 hours , and yes i preped the wall and used the squegee

    • Ray Brown Says:

      Go hardcore and just apply wallpaper paste to the back with a squegee. It worked for me after two of 3 of my fatheads fell down repeatedly over the course of 3 days.

  52. Shanny Says:

    We bought my son 2 different Fatheads. One for Romo and one for the Buckeyes helmet. Both were put up on his bedroom wall. Even put up all the smaller ones that come with it. That was 2 years ago. Have not had a problem with either of them. Some of the smaller pieces were also put on some different walls with a different paint job, and have not had any problem with those either. Not sure what the other users were experiencing. Could be the adhesive used is a specific lot at the time, how they were shipped, packed, condition of the walls or the room. Could be any number of scenarios. All I know is based on my experience, I’d buy one again.

  53. Big Sexy Says:

    Well Fatheads, thanks for ruining Christmas. What I thought would be a good idea turned out to be me screaming obscinities on Christmas morning. The ONLY thing these POS stickers stick to is themselves. Instructions should read ” Install in a sterile, zero-gravity environment”. Actually, maybe the instructions do say that, I never recieved any. I’ll be filing a complaind and a demand for a refund. If I’m not sucessful I’ll be filing a class-action lawsuit. Looks like I have enough plantiffs on this site alone…

    • Big Sexy Says:

      I need to follow up on my own review. I purchased a Death Star Fathead for my wife. I got it through thinkgeek.com. I emailed thinkgeek and expressed my strong dislikes about the wall cling. I just got an email saying that I would be recieving a full refund. Wow. I didn’t expect that. Thinkgeek.com 1, Fatheads 0. Thanks again thinkgeek.

  54. john Says:

    bough a fathead for christmas. applyed it to a cleaned, painted semi gloss wall. we went out of town for 2 days. when we returned it was on the ground folded on itself 3 times.. Lesson learned. even if its 1 out of 10.. thats failure.. I am seeing close to 50% failure. Spend the 100 bucks on a wall projector then you can put any slide you want in and dont have to worry if you are gonna find it in a heap on the ground.

  55. ACE Says:

    Must agree with the negative comments here. Bought Wonder Woman for my daughter and was concerned since the house has 1970’s lightly textured walls. Really lightly textured. I do home remodels, so I made sure to follow their directions in prepping and applying. By day two I was pushing back down the edges which had begun to curl; by week two I was rolling her head and feet with a wallpaper roller. She is pretty dang sexy so that was fun, but after her head started to loll we gave up and moved her downstairs to the flattest surface we have. She transferred ok at first but even on the perfectly flat wall she was toast after a month. Very basic test for any company is whether they stand behind their product; since FatHead doesn’t, you know they must get tons of complaints like these.

  56. LT Says:

    Very disappointing…We had purchased the Fighting Irish mascot from Fathhead.com. It was for our finished basement wall (dry-wall, flat paint). We followed all instructions, and after about 20 minutes on the wall, it started to curl. Then, the next morning, the top portion was completely off the wall. I had contacted customer service, had gone through the return process, and received a second Fathead. They had informed me that because it is a “stock product” it could have been in the warehouse too long to affect the adhesive (??). Second one had arrived, and we had followed the instructions again – same thing happened. This time, we did not want a replacement – just our money back. We thought it would be a great addition to our basement – only to find out it didn’t work. I am wondering what their quality department does to alleviate all these similar issues?

  57. Joe Says:

    I bought two fatheads, they did not stick, and I even washed the walls down really good before I put them up. If you ask me, it was a lot of money for nothing. I did contact the company, and they said that they haven’t had any problems with them not sticking. Guess everyone that had problems with them sticking are just wrong about them. Opps, mine is in the trash and not on the wall because they fell and stuck together. Tell my 10 year old son that there is no problem. If you were an honest company, you would at least agree that for some reason a lot of people are having problems, and that your company is looking into the matter. If your going to lie about your product, at least be smart enough to lie in a way that makes us think you will fix the problem, instead of trying to make us feel dumb, because we are the only one that has had problems with them. For all you people out there that didn’t have a problem, that is really great. For all of us that did have problems, it’s not as good of an ending. Seems by these reviews, buyer should at least walk away knowing that you stand about a 50/50 chance of them sticking. Hope you come out a winner. Not the best odds for the price.

  58. Rob Tranas Says:

    Waste of $99. It stayed on the wall for two days then fell off off in a big pile. Now permanently in the trash

  59. D. Says:

    Guys, try using a hair dryer or heat gun to warm up the glue. Heat up on low temp. and then roll out with a roller. I had adhesion problems as well and then used a hair dryer. Stuck without a problem. My first Fathead purchased stuck perfectly and never had any issues at all. This second purchase… glue would not hold at all until the hair dryer trick.

    • TTS Says:

      D. suggested using a hair dryer. Dumb question – but do you dry the adhesive side?

      We have had to return 2 fatheads to Target. I gave up. I just ordered one today from Fathead but now am concerned.

      I also had 2 from Kohl’s. The second has stayed up for a few days so far. After reading all this, I’m not so happy that I went with the fatheads. They seemed like a great idea. I am glad to know I’m not alone with the problems.

      Also, I had the room painted recently but more than 30 days ago, smooth walls, followed ALL instructions and found putting them up VERY frustrating and am not sure I believe they will move to another room if I wanted them to.

  60. Michael Says:

    What Fathead doesnt tell you is “That if you use a central heater DO NOT put the poster anywhere near where the heat might come in contact, put it across the room from the vent. I bought a few for Xmas/Bdays and they lasted a week or so then they started coming down. Once they came down they did get balled up and creased. The worst part was that the lint stuck to the back of the Fathead and once you try to remove all of the lint you take off some of the adhesiveness with it.


    Waste of money. I bought stickers from KMART that lasted longer. PRETTY SAD.

  61. EJ2 Says:

    WOW!!! Guess I should have read these comments before buying my Yankees Logo FatHead!!! We setup the mancave to focus around this awesome log. We spent considerable time & effort getting everything painted & prepped. We waited over 30 days for the paint to setup. We then put up the fathead logo. Unfortunately we received a sealed Fathead box but no instructions or no squeegee. We use a squeegee we had in the home – knew enough to do that. Sure enough it was the next day the Fathead was peeling off the wall. We fought with it for a week, called the store where we bought it get advice on whether they knew of a problem with these products, which they didn’t. We never could make it stick so the store told us to bring it back. We did and Fathead replaced it for free (only right). We got a 2nd one and were told that the people at Fathead could see no reason why the Fathead shouldn’t stick. We just applied the new product yesterday and, sure enough, today it is peeling off the wall again. I spent an hour today using the squeegee vigorously over every square inch repeatedly and by the time I reached the bottom I could see the logo peeling away from the top. How discouraging!!! We have thought about using a wallpaper paste to see if that might work but I read in previous comments that others have tried this without much success. I will be referring this issue to FatHead directly to see if they have a solution yet. Personally I feel that the folks at FatHead would serve their interests best by visiting some randomly selected customers for physical observations. The products looks so good but the results are so bad!

  62. Dawn Says:

    I used wallpaper paste on mine last night as I was not going to throw away $100. I will let you know if this works. Not going to be able to move it, but at least it will be on our wall.

  63. Chet Says:

    My Reggie Bush fell down today after 2 years of struggles. It was a pain to get it to stick to begin with. These are definitely overpriced and not worth it. Might as well buy a poster.

  64. zac Says:

    Mine stuck for awhile, but then started falling off, now all the edges falling away from the wall and it looks terrible.

  65. Sal Says:

    OK, I haven’t read the posts but know this. Go to Home Depot and buy a double sided tape called Rhino Grip. You will find it in the carpet section. Peel off one side and apply it to the fathead, then peel the other side offended press the fathead to the wall. There will be overhang that you can clean up with a razor. It’s tricky to work with but it TOTALLY works. I tried glue, spray glue all kinds of crapw.

  66. sal Says:

    We bought a helmet fathead last Christmas…went on the wall without a problem and stayed there. We moved in June and could not get it to stick again. It became a crumpled heap. Fathead replaced it…we just tried putting it up and it fell down within 10 minutes. And yes we followed the directions. The new wall was painted 2 months ago so the paint has cured. Not sure what the problem is.

  67. Allison Says:

    My FatHead will not restick, it wasn’t cheap and I am furious! Suggestions???

  68. Laura Says:

    My son saved up for months to buy a Dwayne Wade fathead, which fell off the wall the next day. I called Fathead and they gave me a runaround. I managed to stick it up again, but it has fallen twice since and is not unusable. I would NOT buy one again. What a rip-off!

  69. Jeff Says:

    Fathead customer service is worse than their product! Do no buy this company is a fraud!

  70. Donald Novar Says:

    I bought a fathead from 2010 and it has stuck on the wall perfectly fine. I bought another fathead in 2011 and it kept falling off the wall, got all krinkled up, and I had to toss it. The difference in quality between 2010 and 2011 is night and day, like everything else in this country they cheapened the product and hyped the marketing…

  71. Donald Novar Says:

    After reading all the posts, maybe I just got lucky the first time…

  72. L.T. Says:

    I will never buy from this company again, right before Christmas and they sent the wrong item… customer service sucks. They said they would send out the correct item next week,… of course, after Christmas. Well, I know my son won’t be too disappointed because he isn’t a spoiled brat that doesn’t understand the meaning of Christmas… but it’s just the point that this was supposed to be a Christmas gift… not an “after Christmas Gift”– Now after reading these comments, I’m worried that when we do get the right item, it won’t even stick on the wall.. Geeze.

  73. Fabian Says:

    Getting a fathead was a terrible decision… My family just got an Andre Johnson fathead for Christmas and the box DID NOT come with instructions so we set it up on our SLIGHTLY textured walls. We put it on carefully and for the 2 or 3 hours it was up it looked fantastic. It just fell off and stuck to itself in a ball and ripped when we tried to straighten it out. Very dissapointing considering we were very excited about our $100 Christmas present.

  74. Derrick Belt Says:

    Bought Tom Brady for one of my boys for Christmas. Someone told us they had problems getting theirs to stick to the wall. We allowed time to flatten out before putting them up. They were on the floor the first morning after putting them up, all stuck together. A waste of money! Will never buy another one. They look great, but they don’t stick worth a flip.

  75. Kristi Says:

    My daughter got a Clay Matthews fathead for Christmas, I just got around to putting it up yesterday. It was easy to put up but when she went back to her room a couple hours later, it was a rolled up ball of stickiness. We got it unstuck and is definately rough around the edges, we stuck it back up and used tape to tape it up. When I went to wake her up this morning, there it lay on the floor once again. I emailed Fathead and they got back to me right away and even called me and said they would replace it or they could give suggestions to adhere the one we already have. Her walls have a slight orange peel texture on them and her room is in the basement where it is a little chillier than upstairs. I am wondering if a combination of humidity in the basement, colder temps and the textured walls, if this is a lost cause. I am going to call them after work and see what they suggest. It sucks because it was very cool when we got it up and we were even considering getting another one. She and I will be very disappointed if it won’t stick. Who doesn’t have a slight texture on their walls?

    • Kristi Says:

      after calling Fathead back, they offered to replace the Fathead at no cost. The girl I talked to said they were having some adhesive issues. She was very friendly. She suggested blow drying around the outer edges to warm up the adhesive. I asked her about it being installed in a basement, where it is a little chillier than upstairs and she said they should be ok with temps from 50-80. I am not sure if we will install the new fathead downstairs or not. We have one of the little fathead extras that came with the big one upstairs and that shows no sign of peeling off, but the ones that are downstairs are peeling back. Same texture on both walls. Hope this one stays up!

  76. Steve W. Says:

    I put two of them up right after Christmas in my kids rooms on a medium knockdown textured wall. They lasted till January 12th. I can’t return them without letting grandma and grampa know that their gift is having major issues.
    I don’t know anyone…anywhere that doesn’t have some sort of texturing on their walls. It’s standard. Fathead needs to come clean about the wall stickiness issue. Not after you spend $200, before. They are pricing their product as a premium product. They need to disclose exactly where it can and cannot be hung prior to puchase.

  77. Donna Says:

    I have several Fat heads 2 helmet a couple logos etc..The first one I bought was years ago..the website at that time stated the should be hung on an inside wall (meaning not a wall that the other side is outdoors) I hung the first it never fell, we took it down stored it for about a year and rehung it.. they also say to hang them on a NON-textured wall, clean from dirt dust and grime..I had one start to peel. I pulled it off the wall, washed and dried the wall.. then I took aerosol Hairspray and sprayed the wall where the fat head was gonna go.. it hasn’t fallen….I recommend them I am extremely satisfied.. my kids have since moved out to their own homes and taken the fatheads with them.. they have had no issues…

  78. Justin Says:

    The best thing I have used so far that holds up my fathead is an Elmers Stick Glue, the one’s that kids take to school. I tried other things that didn’t work and so far it is still on the wall!!!!

  79. Tom Says:

    Wow. I have mine (Bears logo) on the basement wall (very well insulated brand new basement). The walls are textured and mine is beginning to peel off also. Only the large decal is peeling – the other extra stickers are rock solid.

    After reading these comments I am either going to use gorilla glue or a nail gun to secure the larger decal. It has been up for about 3 weeks but I can tell if I don’t do something, even smoothing it out I don’t have much time left before it will fall and become useless.

    I agree – Fathead needs to take into consideration that most of the homes in the country have some sort of texture. At LEAST admit that the decals can fall off and offer some suggestions for adhesives that will work.

  80. Anthony Says:

    I just got my son’s Fatheads and read the fine print about the textured walls. Before installing the FH, I called them. Their customer service sucks. The girl said it states it right on the installation instructions – not for textured walls. No crap darling, but that is after we purchased the item and my 8 year old has gotten excited about it going up in his room. If it said this on your front page of your website, I would not have made the purchase.

    She went on to suggest that I buy some plexiglass and apply it to that before hanging it. SAY WHAT! Do I need to be an artist to install this thing. Now I need to buy $50 worth of plexiglass and trim it to the odd shape of the FH.

    I might just end up using the nail gun idea. If I am lucky, maybe an FH executive will be around and I can hang him on the wall through his expensive suit jacket.

  81. Mike Says:

    The only problem I ever had was making sure that I thoroughly prepped the area by washing it with only warm/hot water and allowing sufficient drying time (I’m too impatient it seems lol). So far so good otherwise and they seem rock solid. I suspect most of the issue is finding that happy medium with adhesive that will last but not permanently bind with the wall you are placing it on.

  82. Spirit Sparks Says:

    We own probably 9 differant fatheads that are up around our house.. Purchased from FATHEAD.COM. Many of them were up in our old appartment so were taken down and then put back up. As for how well they stick; we have only had a problem with one of them occasionally falling off the wall.. and this was one that wasnt moved from the appartment. The reason it doesnt stick well is due to the wall however…. the prior owner of the house smoked, so the surface is impossible to be fully cleaned. It seems to me if you have a problem with yours sticking simply return it for a new one and that one should stick just fine. The people that say fatheads arent worth it just had a bad experience because I wouldnt own 9 of them if it wasnt worth it. That is all.

  83. Greg McElvain Says:

    I agree with the negative comments about Fatheads. I’m a huge Husker fan, and I laid out the bucks for a Nebraska helmet. It never did adhere correctly and ended up in a crumpled mess on the floor, as many others have stated. Fathead’s product is total garbage. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  84. Tracy Says:

    We have 2 fatheads. Each went up easily. At first it wanted to come down but we followed the instructions and used the rubbing tool to flatten it down a few times. They have stayed up great ever since. We even moved them to a different wall after rearranging and they still stay up great. In fact, I came on here to find out how to take them down and transport them to a different house. Any ideas? I no longer have the original paper they came on.

  85. Jim McDonald Says:

    my son has the Jeter fathead – never has fallen off after 2 years. I am planning to move and was on this site to hopefully find info on how to move it… my impression is this is not possible.

    I guess the fathead people are Yankee fans.

  86. Pam Piccione Says:

    HUGE ripoff!!! I had to take the Lionel Messi Fathead to a sign shop!!! It cost me $210 to have it mounted on PVC and then trimmed. The owner of the sign shop told me that he contacted Fatheads customer support to ask a few questions and they were USELESS!!!! He said that as careful as he was, when he used the squeegie on it, some of the ink came off!!! They do NOT laminate the decals. They simply print them on poor quality material. The slightest hit to it, removes the ink. I was forced to take it to the sign shop as the numerous reviews I read AFTER I bought it, said that they fell off the wall just hours after applying it!!! FLAT WALLS??? Who has flat walls these days??? AND….. this fact is mentioned in fine print and NOT clear to the consumer. NEVER again!!!!

  87. Cyndi Says:

    sounds to me they have more complaints then complements. I just I I gave my son a packers life size Aaron Rodgers fathead and in a couple hours it fell off the wall and stuck to itself. I am very disappointed in this product. we should all stick together and make them refund our money and maybe they will make a better product. They suck big time. I will never buy another. Very Dissatified.

  88. K Says:

    It may say in instructions that it will not stick to a bumpy. Why not tell buyers that including me before you have us spend alot of money. I would be happy if i could get my money back. It has been several months and I know they will not offer me that.

  89. stephanie.lord@mac.com Says:

    We bought a brand new fathead for my sons birthday. It looked great but started to fall with in the first day. after reapplying several times we found it on the floor stuck to itself. Has anyone found a trick to make it stick?

  90. Dawn Says:

    Just put our Ravens Champion Fathead up tonight and decided to move to another spot. Entire thing stuck together and ripped. What a total waste of money. I have not read one positive comment on this site. How do they stay in business?

  91. want to move from one house to another one and want to wrap around mailing spindle and want to know if that is going to work or will the fatheads stick to spindles too much and destroy the adhesive.

  92. heather Says:

    Ours has been fine so far. i do agree they are overpriced stickers and a big gamble to buy considering if you end up with a tangle applying it the whole thing could be ruined before you even get it up…. it was also stressful putting up because of this, everytime it started sticking to itself i paniced!! however it seems to me there must be some common factor with the people whose fell off the walls, like type of paint (eggshell,semi-gloss, gloss, flat) or maybe it was the type of paint advertised to repel dirt (or make it easier to clean dirt off of)and it also happenes to not let the fatheads stick?? could just be that certain paint ingredients are more compatible than others… that being said fathead should definately KNOW and reveal these issues and give better ways to prep (like a special primer to paint the area with) before charging $100 for a huge wall sticker! i came on here only looking how to easily get some minor wrinkles out of our 6ftX4ft wall mural but now i am scared to death to even mess with it for fear it may not hold!!!!

    • larry Says:

      I just put up a 6’x4′ mural today alone. After removing it from the backing, the glue side was facing me and I needed to turn it around so I could put it on the wall. In doing so, it stuck onto itself and took me about 10-15 minutes to unpeel which I wasn’t sure was possible without tearing it. It was stronger than I expected & after I got that done, I put it up using thumbtacks. I still have both thumbtacks in both corners to make sure it doesn’t fall. I also pressed it into the wall with my hands & using that small device. It went up & was full of wrinkes, creases, etc. because of it folding onto itself but for the most part you can’t see it. If you see it in a reflection you’ll notice the creases, etc. but at night or with the blinds closed, you won’t see it. I’m happy with mine but i got it at a 30% discount. It was cheaper to do this than what I originally planned which was to hang a poster which would’ve cost over $200 easily. This purchase was under $100 with shipping.

  93. Dawn Says:

    It is amazing that Fathead is still in business. So many complaints.

  94. larry Says:

    My recommendation is too put it up 1st by itself. If you have concerns about it sticking, use double-sided tape from Walmart. Or if it’s square shaped, use thumbtacks. My mural was 6’x4′ and I put it up alone. I have thumbtacks in both top corners that you can barely see. If you don’t look for it, you won’t notice them at all. It’s RG3, I’ll post a pic on their website.

  95. Lisa Nelson Says:

    We have a total of 4 fatheads, all sports related. We have had them on our walls for at least three years and they look as great as the day we put them up. They never begin to peel or bubble. We had no issue with joining the two pieces together, HOWEVER, removing them from the wall has become a BIG problem. We recently needed to remove then as we are putting our home on the market. I just started on the first one and it has literally taken the paint off the wall in places and left a “shadow” of the whole image where it was once on the wall. Very disheartening as I was hoping te claim of “no damage to your walls” was in fact the case. It clearly is not.

    • Lisa Nelson Says:

      I just wanted to add that I have flat paint on my walls, Maybe they would have removed cleanly if a satin finish was used.

  96. Jamie Says:

    I was given a gift of a fathead for my baby’s room. That was 5 years ago. It is still up and looks perfect. I don’t know if I would pay the $99 but I’m glad we got one. He loves it. Mine didn’t come in 2 pieces. It’s pretty awesome and looks very real. I would recommend it to anyone who has the money to spend. I did follow all the directions clearly before I hung it.

  97. Reed Winfrey Says:

    It is expensive but they look better in person than on online. Washing your wall and letting it dry is very important or it will fall off and crumble.

  98. Samantha Says:

    I bought two Fatheads over a year ago, one is the empty dry erase and the other is a dry erase calendar. I like them because it makes it very easy for my family to write on the calendar or leave messages for each other. They are both 4ft by 5ft, so it took two of us to put them up. I have to admit that I did fail to clean the walls, but the walls did look clean. I have not had a single problem with the Fathead sticking to the wall, and these are textured, painted walls, mostly flat, but not completely. I have moved them several times, even moved across country, let them sit in their containers for a few months and then replaced them on the wall with little problem other than I lost my squeegee. However, they are still sticking on the wall quite fine without any issues at all. The product may be expensive, but in my opinion it has more than been worth the price. Being able to write messages (on the wall) and have a calendar to share (that is not electronic) has been priceless.

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  103. chad Says:

    my fathead, only two weeks old. came in last night and was on the floor! the sticky back stuck together. anyone know how to get them unstuck without tearing it. and yes I did prep my wall first

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  105. Jonnie Cline Says:

    In July, I ordered a Yankees Jr set for my grandson as part of his Christmas. I didn’t open it at that time but wrapped it and stuck it in the closet. Yesterday, Christmas Day, he opened it and the box contained nothing but a Virtual Piggy sticker. We were all very disappointed. Please send my order or credit my credit card the amount charged. Order number ORD1364005.
    I will expect to hear from you very soon.
    Thank You,
    Jonnie Cline

  106. Kari Matalas Says:

    We bought fatheads for our boys for Christmas and 13 days later it’s on the floor all stuck together. Peeling apart does not work real well, it is now ripped in places and one arm is completely off! The walls were painted two weeks prior to hanging. Afraid to by another just for it to happen again.

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  108. kb Says:

    I purchased a Large Spiderman Fathead in the Spring 20111 and have had absolutely no problems with it. It looks awesome in my son’s room. I wonder if they have quality control issues if so many people are having problems with what I’ve experienced to be an exceptionally good product. BTW, I also painted the walls within a couple of weeks of hanging the Fathead and have had no problems with it sticking ever. I only looked at this webpage because we are moving, and I want to figure out what if anything other than a wall I can put the Fathead on while in transit from one home to another.

  109. Rbbin Caruso Says:

    This is my 1st reply ever online. Thought I would respond since there were so many people having issues. I painted my sons room in August, 2013. We bought the Grave Digger and the Hulk for him for Christmas. AS PER THE INSTRUCTIONS, I took a damp rag and wiped the walls down, letting them dry off for 1/2 hour. I put the fatheads on my King size bed for 1 hour prior to hanging and turned the heat up to a warmer room temperature. My boyfriend and I then hung the fatheads. Yes, they do stick together if your not careful, but we managed to salvage it. We gently put them on the wall and then started to smooth them out from the center to the outter edges. Reading all these negative reviews, I was really nervous. I was checking on these things every hour for the next two day!!!! It has now been over a month and I haven’t seen one single problem. People need to read AND follow directions. I will say that the website needs to make the installation instructions much more obvious to consumers. There should be reminders on the order screen, or better yet, a check mark to make sure customers have read and understood the installation process. This is a wonderful product and would definitely recommend and purchase again!

  110. mike Says:

    My wife bought me a steelers helmet fathead for Christmas she said she payed almost $100 and lasted a week came home to work out and it was laying on the ground folded up I tried to pull it apart so I could put it back up but it just kept ripping so I Jay threw it away. I was so mad my wife wasted that money what a rip off

  111. Jerry Says:

    I am so disappointed in this product. I bought a Hulk fathead for my 5 year old son. Followed the directions to the tee. I even bought a squeegee because mine didn’t come with one as it said in the directions. I came home today to a mess. It had fallen and folded up inside itself. When I tried to gently pull it apart to get it flat again, it ripped in several places and several pieces came apart. so now I have a crinkled torn up $89.00 waist of money and my son is so upset.

  112. Beckie Says:

    wish i would have read these prior to purchasing a giant Seahawks head. Amazon didnt have anything about not using on textured walls, found that out after we recieved it and read the directions. we put it up and it stayed…for 6 weeks.

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  115. Julie Says:

    We followed the directions perfectly as well and romo is still up three months later but this morning written is crumbled on the floor….. Three months isn’t long enough for a $100+ item….. Just long enough not to be covered …… Bummer

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  131. Bob Says:

    I just got a Fathead, and I have read all these comments. I am going to buy a piece of Plexiglass and apply the fathead to that and then mount if to the wall. I have walls in my Mancave that are not smoot at all. Plus I figure it will stick to this better and it will be so much easier to relocate it if I choose.

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  134. Keri Scott Says:

    I am so sad. We purchased a large 7′ long stadium Fathead for my son for Christmas. It became unstuck (from a painted smooth wall) the first time and we were able to stick it back up with some now stretched edges and holes. Today it fell off again and it now lays in a ball on the floor. He was so excited that he got this gift and we paid a lot for it and now two months after sticking it up it is worthless.

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  140. Grant Says:

    Lost my instruction sheet. What’s the process for hanging?

  141. good Says:

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  142. JohnsterTV Says:

    I Haven’t bought one yet. When you mean “texured walls”, are you talking about the little drop marks left on it few weeks after painting it?

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  144. I bought my fathead jr. Aaron Rodgers about 2 years ago . When I moved last year I put it back on its original sheet it came on to move . When I put it up in my new house parts of it won’t stay stuck . What can I do ?

  145. Brad Says:

    LOVE THEM – We had an Evan Longoria Fathead set in our apartment for two years. ZERO issues. Stayed put perfectly for two years! 🙂 We’ve since moved into a house. When we removed the decals, there appeared to be a small residue left behind. The paint in the apartment was cheap. At the new house, we haven’t had much success. Our walls are smooth paint, but the texture is bubbly. As a result, they’ve been falling down. Wife just bought a can of Krylon Easy Tack, we’ll give that a shot. I do NOT blame Fathead. The dang thing stayed up for a long time and they’re really well made. No matter the tech, something just won’t stay sticky and removable forever. Especially if you put it in the heat of a garage like someone I read above.

  146. Aubs Says:

    I placed an order through the phone and was very dissatisfied. They took a long time with no contact, I would call the direct line of my rep and she would not answer or return my calls- I had to call the main line and get connected to someone every time. After waiting for a confirmation for several days, I go in contact with my rep. Turns out I was missing a form I needed- which she never bothered to tell me about. She promised to call after I faxed it. 4 hours later, I never heard from her, and had to call only to find she was “out of the office” with no word on when she’d return. I was then promised an overnight shipment for all the trouble. Then again, no contact. I called to check on the order (through the main line, of course) and was emailed a tracking number. The order was NOT overnighted, nor sent with the 2 day shipping I confirmed when I originally made the purchase… Long story short, I expected product before August 21st and am still waiting… tracking says it will be here tomorrow… we shall see.

    I cannot comment on the quality of the Fathead because I haven’t received it… but the customer service is terrible

  147. The question I have is do they stick to the most common drywall texture and that is “orangepeel”? That is what almost every home in the USA has.

    • J. Huber Says:

      If it’s really light texture, and maybe a non-glossy paint, it _might_ hold up. Even then I’ve had some fall off the wall or have to be pressed down again every few weeks.

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  149. Donald Says:

    Fathead decals are a fraud company with terrible shitty decals that are made of shit! Got fucked 100 for a sticky piece of shit that got stuck too it self then then got thrown in the garbage with anger.
    Called fathead no refund! They need proof of there shit product that got thrown in the trash.
    Fuck fat head decals.

    • KC Says:

      Can you go to Macy’s and return a shirt for a refund without the shirt ? ……..seriously just think about it use your brain.

  150. Cheryl C. Says:

    I sure hope the product has improved since some of these posts from years ago. I just got my fireplace decal, took it out of the box, and NO INSTRUCTIONS. Knew from life experiences that nothing is that simple, so found their installation video on YouTube. Fingers crossed this thing stays up until I take it down… And, at minimum, from December 1st until after the new year! I’m installing on painted drywall that’s been seasoned, in a climate-controlled home (as video suggests). Wish me luck!

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    My Han Solo would fall of the wall nearly every week, sometimes even more often. Now it’s been crumpled up and stuck to itself so many times it’s full of creases and looks terrible. Despite every single fathead on their website being stuck to a wall… they don’t stick to walls.
    Another thing that makes them an even sleazier company. It is IMPOSSIBLE to give a bad review on their site. If you try to give something a 1 star rating it pops you into a new form that will never let you submit your review.

    • KC Says:

      for your information every website monitors its reviews thats totally normal for any company. Only the ppl that are mad leave reviews hence your situation. I bet you have textured walls , they will not stick to that surface. And if you called and explained your situation they will send you a new one ! 🙂 their CS is amazing

  154. Tom Says:

    Well I have bought a lot of different fat heads they fall off the wall after 6 months and the graphics on my Tom Brady Michigan photo came out like a fake picture and customer service is not great at no means, sorry but they lost my business

    • KC Says:

      Again , if you call and explain your situation they WILL replace it. If it was purchased within a reasonable time frame call them you will be surprised. How is their customer service “not great” I had no issue , sometimes the issue is due to a irrational ignorant customer 🙂

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  183. Christina B Says:

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