DAMAC NFL Theme Art Posters (1978-1983) by Chuck Ren – Dallas Cowboys Variations

From 1978 through 1983, a company called DAMAC Inc. published a line of licensed NFL Football theme art posters that, to this date, are revered as some of the nicest team posters ever produced. Primarily featuring the artwork of the NFL’s official artist of the era, Chuck Ren (1941-1995), hundreds of thousands of kids had their favorite team’s 23″x25″ poster on his (or her) wall during the era, while some tried to collect the entire series. Over the six years of the company’s existence, every team had at least one poster produced, while some had multiple designs – mostly featuring artwork by Chuck Ren; others, particularly in the last two years, by uncredited artists. Some teams, we’re guessing, only had one design; but for the teams that we have identified multiple designs for, we’ll do our best to do blog postings like this one. To start, we’ll highlight the one team that, we know, had as many as three different designs.

First, here’s a look at the original 1978 Dallas Cowboys design, published during DAMAC’s first year:

Dallas Cowboys 1978 DAMAC Theme Art Poster

This design – one of the finest ever produced, that includes a posse of true 19th-century Wild West cowboys as an additional design element – is likely the most hard-to-find of the three, as it was printed during the earliest days of the nascent DAMAC company, and was replaced within a year by this design, the 1979 Dallas Cowboys DAMAC poster, which we call “Passion”:

Dallas Cowboys 1979 DAMAC Chuck Ren Poster

Better than the 1978 version when it comes to action – the running back, reminiscent of a young Tony Dorsett, is simply perfect – this one may not have quite the same artistic impact as the first design. But it is a beauty; was probably the one most commonly seen on kids’ walls in Dallas in the early 1980s; and is the only one currently available for sale (we have a few left in stock; grab one now while you can!)

Finally, there’s the 1982 version, also designed by Chuck Ren (who, by 1982, seems to have largely retired from the DAMAC line):

Dallas Cowboys 1982 DAMAC Poster by Chuck Ren

This one definitely has more of a 1980s-style look to it, and once again adds in an authentic Western artistic element, this time a rodeo bull rider. You’ll notice an additional copyright logo added near the bottom-left corner; in 1982, DAMAC added this “NFL Officially Licensed Product” emblem to every poster.

(FYI: the images for the 1978 and 1982 editions shown above are from posters held in our permanent collection, and are not available for sale anywhere, as far as we know. You may be lucky enough to find one for sale on eBay some day…)

On the topic of the DAMAC poster series, we’re looking to fill in the gaps on the history of this line. We’d love to hear from you (either in the comments below, or via e-mail at nflagg@sportsposterwarehouse.com) if you know any of the following information:

1) Was Chuck Ren involved in the ownership of this company? If not, how was he paid? Or, did DAMAC simply license his artwork directly from the NFL?

2) What happened to DAMAC that caused it to disappear in 1983?

3) Where were these posters sold? Mail order ads in magazines? In sporting good stores? At NFL games?

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31 Comments on “DAMAC NFL Theme Art Posters (1978-1983) by Chuck Ren – Dallas Cowboys Variations”

  1. […] 18, 2008 · No Comments Further to yesterday’s post on the classic DAMAC NFL Football theme art posters (1978-83) and the Dallas Cowboys variations, here’s a look at two more entries in the series. First, the San Diego Chargers release we […]

  2. Dan Says:

    just a note about the second Cowboys poster – the running Dorsett figure was also used and repainted as Wilbert Montgomery on a Seahawks edition of a Seattle v Philadelphia game program. I think this may have been done after the original Cowboys poster from 1979.

  3. Paul Says:

    It was great to find a website devoted to these NFL team posters.
    I remember seeing these pictures on merchandise ,in the UK ,when American Football became huge during the mid 80’s. We never had them in a poster format, but most of the pictures were available as smaller framed picture version, as well as on jigsaws, card games and stationery.
    I have recently got back into watching the NFL, after several years away, and one of the first thing I started to do was try and track down some of the original framed pictures. So far I have a Miami Dolphin, Los Angeles Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets and the Washington Redskins.
    Its great to see all of the older versions of the posters as all of the UK versions were of the later 80’s versions.

  4. Dan Says:

    Paul – I’m in the same boat as you – sourcing out these posters from the UK. I’m also working on cataloging all of the works by Chuck Ren for a web project (not just the team themed posters) and also working on some reproduction posters paying tribute to these great designs.

    If you want to team up in hunting for posters, please feel free to drop me a line – there are a few of us here who have started collecting the prints again and are always on the hunt for more – they’re out there!

    Is there a new blog entry on the horizon at all?

  5. dewey Says:

    I love these posters. My all time favorite is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which I proudly have hung in my sports room. I have recently gone back and scoured various outlets and websites, to pick up the Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Falcons, Houston Oilers, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers (Bradshaw version), Philadelphia Eagles, and Green Bay Packers (snow version). Keep up the good work on supplying information on these. They are great pieces of art and sports history.

  6. Don Ren Says:

    I was just reading the comments about Chuck Ren’s posters. I am very happy that people like his work so much. He was my Brother and my very best friend. I love the fact that even after his passing in Oct. ’95, that his work is still appreciated.

    • Dan Says:

      Don, if you get to see this, could you please contact me as I’d love to talk to you about Chuck’s work. Michael Princip and myself run a comprehensive site primarily dedicated to Chuck’s paintings.
      Would love to hear from you!

  7. I am hugely influenced by Chuck Ren and Jim Lamb. I have a vast collection of Pro Magazine covers, and the DAMAC posters, that feature both artists. I currently run a site that features some work by both artists and have two posters, one by Ren and one by Lamb that I’ve scanned here. I also have some nice CMYK proof sheets.

    Chuck Ren DAMAC: http://www.greenglare.com/images/seahawks_1979_poster3.jpg

    Jim Lamb Limited Edition Print:http://www.greenglare.com/images/76hawks1.jpg

  8. Pitt Says:

    Thank you . you can see NFL fans shop

  9. Jeff Lenz Says:

    I have a Terry Bradshaw that is probally museum quality as I just toook it out of the wrapper when the Steelers won thier 6th Super Bowl.I am wondering what it would be valued at. I will be putting a picture of it on my website today or tommorow. Thanxs Jeff Lenz

  10. Laveda Crawford Says:

    I have a poster, its the second one shown on this website. Who is the other cowboy in the poster? Tony Dorsett is #33, but who is the other? Just curious. It’s been rolled up for years, does anyone know if it is worth framing or selling? Thanks for any help.

    • Don Ren Says:

      The other guy is Danny White #11. He played college ball at Arizona St. Univ. He was the Cowboy’s quarterback after Roger Stauback retired.

      • Jef Lenz Says:

        Hi Don, I just started my collection after I found the Bradshaw poster at a yard sale. I was wondering if you would help me id which ones Chuck did. I really like these posters, as they are true works of art. Any info you could give me about your brother would be great. Also are you an artist if so maybe we could talk as my late mother was and my granddaughter is aspiring at 8 years old. As to me I can design but can’t draw a stick man. lol If you want to help, see the posters at my web site. Thank you for your time Jeff Lenz

      • Robert Barr Says:

        Hi Don, I don’t think that is Danny White as the player isn’t wearing a Quarterback helmet, it’s a defensive lineman’s helmet. Some people think it might be Randy White but Randy has a mustache. It’s possibly Larry Cole who was a defensive lineman at that time.

  11. Here’s a website that Dan Tearle and I have been working on for quite some time now, lots of DAMAC poster information. Plus, interviews with some of the artists.



  12. Don Ren Says:

    Hello Jeff, I would be very happy to help you ID Chucks posters. I don’t know if I have seen all of them, but I can more than likely tell you if they are his or not. I have lived in Tucson for the past 45 years and Chuck lived in various cities in California and finally in Sedona, Az where he passed away in 1995. So some of his work I probably didn’t see, but I know his style very well and I’m sure that I could tell his from someone else. I’m glad to hear that your mother was into art, and I’m especially glad to hear your granddaughter is into it at age eight. That’s the same age Chuck was when he got interested in drawing and then painting. As for me I have dabbled in pencil drawings in the past, but had nowhere the talent that Chuck had. Again I would be happy to help you in anyway I can. Take care Don Ren.

    • Jeff Lenz Says:

      Hello Don, Thanks for helping. To see my posters just click on my name at this page or go to 3-4saynomore.com and go to the last page called Damac gallery. On that page I have photos that I took with a regular digital camera that doesn’t really do the art work justice. I need to get them done by a pro here in the future. As you will see I have 3 Steelers on the right side of the page that are 1979 Bradshaw with Cowboys trying to defend lol. 1980 defense with Pittsburg in the back and a 1982 Bradshaw and Swann that looks like it is based on the 1979 Bradshaw Cowboys. On the other side are San Fransisco 1979, Green Bay 1980, and Patriots from 1979. I have to get more frames before, I will unpackage the rest which are Cowboys, Raiders, Dolphins,Redskins, Cardinals, and Jets from 1979.And a Bills from 1983. If you want I have an extra Jets poster I would like to give you for helping. Email me or I’ll email you my number in order to ship it. Thanks Jeff Lenz

      • Don Ren Says:

        Hi Jeff,
        I hope you get this message. I’ve been trying to send you and email and a reply on this page with some information about Chuck Ren in it. But, the emails keep coming back as undeliverable, and the reply on the DAMAC comments pages are discarded. So I don’t understand what’s going on unless the message I’m sending you is to big. I don’t know. Could you send me your email address, and I will try sending you the info.
        Don Ren

  13. flaggman Says:

    Note that Chuck Ren’s designs usually have a stylized “Ren” signature somewhere in the art.

  14. Jeff Lenz Says:

    Hi Don,
    Sorry for the problems. Try to email me at jdlenz2003@yahoo.com I know that 1 works. I hope yahoo isnt screwing up the email at my website if so I’ll try and have them resolve the issue. Sorry again and I look forward to hearing from you. Jeff Lenz

  15. cliff Says:

    I have a 1978 team photo of the dalas cowboy team. I also have a roster team phot starting in 1960. Email me if interested.

  16. Jason Says:

    i am trying to find the Cowboys Damac poster – the last one pictured with Danny White & Tony Dorsett….i had one on my wall when i was a kid

    if you have one that you are willing to sell – please contact me at jmccallum5@cogeco.ca


  17. Chrystal Says:

    I have about 10 of these posters that I am selling on eBay right now. They are all in their original plastic sleeves, some haven’t even been opened. Check them out because they are all up on eBay now.

  18. Marta Says:

    I have a 1979 DAMAC NFL poster for the Atlanta Falcons that I cannot seem to find on any website. It is an official Chuck Ren edition with a huge inflight falcon, talons at the ready. Upper left background depicts kicker and holder (away uniforms) with foreground showing to guys charging in home colors. Any informtion as to edition and value would be appreciated.

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  20. Justin W Says:

    Hi, I have an original Chuck Ren painting of Todd Christensen, the former Raider Tight End. Chuck gifted this to me back in 1991. He was a good friend of the family here in Sedona, and a great man. I recently contacted Toby Christensen, Todd’s son, to see if he would be interested in buying it from me, but have no idea what kind of value to put on it. Any Ideas?

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  22. Felix Says:

    Are any of these posters for sale?

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