The Brady Anderson Beefcake poster and a girl’s coming-of-age

Was this physique a product of hard work and a little Creatine? Were there other substances involved? However it happened, Brady Anderson went from lanky speedster to bulked-up adonis in 1996, hit 50+ Home Runs, and became Baltimore’s poster boy for a generation.

Brady Anderson BEEFCAKE Baltimore Orioles Poster

For an interesting discussion of this poster, and its effect on a young woman’s coming-of-age in the 1990s, check out this posting from blogger “J-Money”, who contributes to the “LadiesDotDotDot” blog that obsesses over the hotness of male athletes. And, believe it or not, you can still buy this classic poster from for the low price of $14.95!

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2 Comments on “The Brady Anderson Beefcake poster and a girl’s coming-of-age”

  1. beserious Says:

    Too bad for your story that the poster was shot before the 1993 season. Makes it more convenient though to say he used to be “lanky.”

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