Brett Favre Posters, Part I: The Early Years (1993-1997)

With the sudden retirement earlier this month of the record-smashing fan-favorite ironman QB of the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre, I thought it I’d dig into the archives, and work up this retrospective on Brett’s poster releases through his career.

After ripping the starting job in 1992 from “The Majik Man”, Don Majkowski (how’s this for a rarity – the 1989 “Majik Man” poster from Costacos Brothers:),

Don Majkowski 1990 Costacos Brothers Poster

Favre had these two posters published at the start of the 1993 season – as far as we know, these were the first two regular-issue Favre posters ever published (note the 1993 “75th Anniversary” patch on Favre in the Starline poster; the photo for the Costacos poster is probably from 1992):

Brett Favre 1993 Starline and Costacos Brothers Posters

Brett’s second full season as the Packers starting Quarterback, 1994, was solid, but as far as we can tell, there were no new poster releases that year. But as he emerged as a perennial All-Pro and MVP candidate in 1995, the posters started rolling on in! Here’s his next two Costacos Brothers releases: the classic “Favre and Away” (click here for eBay auction, ends April 4), and the more subtle 1996 entry, from that year’s “Power Portrait” series:

Brett Favre Costacos Brothers Posters 1995 and 1996

January 27, 1997 was the day that launched the legend – Super Bowl XXXI in New Orleans, when a cannon-armed renegade became a National phenomenon. The following months saw a number of great poster releases, including the one everyone wants, “Leadership”, from the motivational-style Gallery Edition collection:

Brett Favre Posters 1997

And then there’s this Costacos Brothers rarity – “MVP”, commemorating Brett’s Back-to-Back MVP seasons of 1995 and 1996. This was likely a single-printing one-off produced for the local Wisconsin market, making it the most scarce of all 1997 releases:

Brett Favre 1995-1996 MVP Poster Costacos Brothers 1997

If you are aware of any other Favre posters from the early years that I’ve missed, leave a comment below, or e-mail me at And be sure to check back next week for Part II – Brett Favre Posters: The Ironman Years (1998-2008). In the meantime, for Favre posters that are still in-stock and available now, check out The Sports Poster Warehouse’s Brett Favre Collection.

Click here to continue on to: Brett Favre Posters Part II: The Ironman Years (1998-2008).

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4 Comments on “Brett Favre Posters, Part I: The Early Years (1993-1997)”

  1. SD Says:

    Great stuff. Thanks for digging them up.

  2. […] I began the odyssey of Brett Favre’s career in posters last week with Brett Favre Posters, Part I: The Early Years (1993-1997). This post takes us from just past the penultimate year of Brett’s career (1997) to his […]

  3. Mike Says:

    Do you know where you can get these posters?

  4. Jeff Simenson Says:

    I have Bret Favre poster that reads on the bottom 1995M STARLINE, INC., East Elmhurst N.Y. 11370 Photo by Brian Yablonsky Printed in the U.S.A. in the bottom left hand corner and STARLINE Logo, Team NFL Logo and Quarterback NFL Club Logo on bottom right nice pic of Brett with the ball in his left hand ready to hand it off to another player. I couldnt find it on here maybe i missed it. Any info appreciated. Jeff

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