Women’s Freestyle Wrestling’s First Poster: Canadian Olympian Ohenewa Akuffo

Ohenewa Akuffo Olympic Womens Wrestling PosterNow this is the Olympic spirit at its best! Competing this summer in Beijing in one of the newest Summer Olympic sports, Women’s Wrestling (introduced in Athens in 2004), Canada’s Ohenewa Akuffo isn’t sitting around waiting for the next government funding check to arrive to fund her training. The 29-year-old daughter of Ghanian immigrants, Akuffo has chosen to keep her Gold Medal dream alive by working with Home Depot’s Olympic Associates program; by freelancing as a motivational speaker and athletic model; and by producing her own swag! Included in her product line is this spectacular poster, published with great style and quality by Ohenewa herself! Significant for its status as our first-ever women’s wrestling poster, and the first-ever poster published and delivered to our headquarters by an individual athlete, this is one of our favorite posters of the year.

With all the (mostly-deserved) bad press surrounding the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, let’s not forget that this is what the movement is all about: individual amateur athletes with a dream, who scratch and save with determination and creativity to reach the top. Order her poster, and you’ll be supporting Ohenewa’s dream – and, as a top-ranked medal favorite, she may well be an international celebrity come September! Only $12.95 + S&H – order now!

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One Comment on “Women’s Freestyle Wrestling’s First Poster: Canadian Olympian Ohenewa Akuffo”

  1. […] I have to be honest and say that I didn’t know that there was a female version of Freestyle Wrestling. But I stumbled upon information about it here. […]

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