Biggest Trash Talkers in Sports!

When the staff at Sports Poster Warehouse got into work this morning at around 5 am, like usual, we were all thrown off by Terrell Owens. We were shocked at how modest, humble and respectful he was being. Apparently, Owens spoke to reporters in Dallas about his time spent in Philadelphia. He claimed that he became “too big” for Philly and that Donovan McNabb became jealous of Owens, causing their relationship to fail. In  honor of Owens’ ability to yap, the staff at Sports Poster Warehouse has put together out list of the top 10 biggest mouths in sports!

10.  Jeremy Roenick ELITE Poster (1995)

9. Barry Bonds GONE DEEP Poster

8. Latrell Sprewell UP-TEMPO Poster

7. Bobby Clarke CAPTAIN Poster (1975)

6. Rasheed Wallace RASHEED Portland Trailblazers poster

5. Allen Iverson STREET Poster (Graffiti)

4. Randy Moss BIG GRAB Football Poster

3. DON CHERRY #19 (2007) NHL Hockey Action DVD

2. Chad Johnson BALL MASTER Poster

1. Terrell Owens LONE STAR Poster

Stay tuned for Sports Poster Warehouse’s next Top 10!

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One Comment on “Biggest Trash Talkers in Sports!”

  1. owens can talk trash he good enough to back it up chad joghnson can’t he SUCK

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