Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Official Posters (Primary Logo, Mascots)

Vancouver 2010 Official Poster Combo
Vancouver 2010 Official Poster Combo

Big news for Olympic collectors and excited Vancouverites! The first official poster releases for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games have been released, and are now in stock at The Sports Poster Warehouse. Available as a two-poster combo, you get the always-sought-after “Primary Logo” poster, and the cuter-than-cute “Mascots” design. Introductory price is just $19.95. Hopefully we’ll be able to hold the price here for a while.

Because traditional retailers HATE selling posters, we are currently the only online seller currently selling this item. Not even the official Vancouver 2010 shop has it available!

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3 Comments on “Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Official Posters (Primary Logo, Mascots)”

  1. cosariocartaya Says:

    Hello congratulations by blog friends.
    I have been seeing in many pages of screen bottoms to do a picture to me in conditions for the hall and the room, I like much the decoration and a good picture says much, I have had luck to know a good company where they on sale put the best pictures and with frame and everything to you, some go away of budget but they are worth the trouble, the material is quite good and I already have bought 5 pictures.

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    Until another friends.

  2. I would love to buy this Vancouver 2010 poster!

  3. sylvia Krainer Says:

    Would like to know the dimensions of the Olympic 2010 offical logo poster please in inches.
    Thank you.
    Also, details of add – ons after 19.95 ie postage, taxes etc

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