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Winter Olympics Posters – Our Top Five Favourites

February 21, 2014

While the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have been a terrific sporting spectacle, sadly their product licensing department dropped the ball, and consequently there was no worldwide licensee for posters. As far as we know, only a single Russian publisher had any designs available, and they were forbidden from exporting to us here in North America. But, it does give us an opportunity to review with you our top-five favourite official Winter Olympics poster designs from years past. (All previous Olympic Games official posters are available in our Olympic Museum Collection).

5. Lake Placid 1980

Lake Placid 1980 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint - $34.95

Lake Placid 1980 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint – $34.95

This simple, beautiful design became an icon for an era, introducing a color scheme that dominated the early 1980s, and evoking the glorious cold-war-era victory of Team USA over the Soviets in hockey in that year’s “Miracle on Ice”.  Many consider Lake Placid 1980 to have been the greatest Winter Games of all-time, a model that has rarely been matched since!

4. Innsbruck 1964

Innsbruck 1964 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint - $34.95

Innsbruck 1964 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint – $34.95

As the Lake Placid poster became a design icon for the ’80s, this official poster for Innsbruck, Austria’s first of two Winter Olympic Games became a style guide for 1960s ski fashion. The blue-on-blue color scheme is spectacular, and the snowflake icon is simply stunning. A bit of trivia for Winter Olympics fans: Innsbruck hosted the games again just 12 years later, when they were originally awarded to Denver, Colorado, but then relocated to Innsbruck again after Denver’s voters rejected the games due to skyrocketing costs.

3. St. Moritz 1948

St. Moritz, Switzerland 1948 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint - $34.95

St. Moritz, Switzerland 1948 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint – $34.95

After a twelve-year absence due to World War II, the Olympics returned to the world stage with the St. Moritz games of 1948. The poster design is magnificent, evoking a new dawn in the war-torn history of Europe, with two cross-country skiiers watching in awe as the sky comes alive with a frost-filled sunrise atop the alps. Amazing 1940s-era style!

2. Salt Lake City 2002

Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games

Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games “Light the Fire Within” Vintage Original Poster – $39.95

We have always adored this poster, with its motivational message (“Light the Fire Within”), and its unique artwork featuring a fiery torch-bearer emerging out of the snow and ice of the winter chill. Surprisingly, the IOC chose the much-more pedestrian “Salt Lake Flag” design as it’s “official” Salt Lake 2002 poster for posterity; however, we remain partial to this one as the true visual-arts symbol of that magnificent games.

1. Lake Placid 1932

Lake Placid 1932 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint - $34.95

Lake Placid 1932 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint – $34.95

This spectacular work of graphic arts set a standard for Winter Games posters that, in our opinion, remains unmatched to this day. It has it all – the Olympic rings prominently displayed; the location and dates in an iconic font style evocative of the era; a superb art deco-era overall appearance; and artwork that includes one of the key sports of winter competition, with a ski jumper soaring high above a map of the USA, with Lake Placid’s location clearly marked in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. Simply perfect!

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Official Poster Series – In Stock Now

October 23, 2013

FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Posters

They’re here! The official posters for World Cup 2014 are in stock, and they are amazing. Unmistakeably Brazilian in style and color palette, they come from the designers at Rio’s Crama Agency, who should become a world-renowned creative force after these posters become better-known over the course of the next few months. The official event poster comes in both a worldwide English-language edition, and a host-country Portuguese-language version. Each of the 12 host cities has a unique poster, with the two Semi-Final cities and the Championship Final locale (Sao Paolo, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janiero) sold together as a three-poster set. Here are the pictures of each poster; click on any image below to link to full details and ordering links.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Host-Country Portuguese Edition Poster

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Host-Country Portuguese Edition Poster


FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Worldwide English Edition Event Poster


FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Venue Poster – Brasilia (#0946)


FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Venue Poster – Cuiaba (#0947)


FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Venue Poster – Curitiba (#0948)


FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Venue Poster – Fortaleza (#0949)


FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Key Venue Posters – Rio, Sao Paolo, Belo Horizonte


FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Venue Poster – Manaus (#0950)


FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Venue Poster – Natal (#0951)


FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Venue Poster – Porto Alegre (#0952)


FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Venue Poster – Recife (#0953)


FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Venue Poster – Salvador (#0955)


Boston Celtics Posters – From Russell to Rondo, a Spectacular Collection

January 27, 2013

In the universe of basketball posters, there’s four things that really matter. There are trendy hot stars-of-the-moment; there is Michael Jordan; and there are two transcendent teams. To respect the sensitivities of New England hoops fans, we won’t mention the dreaded other franchise; today, we’re focusing only on the green machine – the NBA’s all-time most successful club, the Boston Celtics!

Boston-area sports fans are arguably the most loyal and passionate in the world, and poster publishers have always offered a generous selection of Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots posters in their offerings. With over 60 different Celtics posters, prints, pennants and banners in-stock and ready to go, there’s something for the kids room or the man-cave; locker room or boardroom. We’ll focus on a few of our favorite choices; the full collection can be found here in our Boston Celtics Collection.

For any serious fan looking for a great combination of history, action, and style, you must consider “All-Time Greats”, the commemorative print seen here that includes a dozen of history’s greatest, along with all 17 championship seasons: Cousy, Russell, Hondo, Tiny, Bird, McHale, Parish, DJ, Ainge, Pierce, Rondo and Garnett.

Another great choice for the boardroom is one of our all-time best-selling exclusive basketball classics – “1967 Playoff Classic”, this legendary black-and-white beauty from the baseline at old Boston Garden. Wilt Chamberlain versus Bill Russell – just unbelievable!

Another great historic piece is this amazing extra-large premium felt pennant – “17-Time Champions”. This one can go anywhere – kids room, basement, office, or even as a gag gift for a Lakers fan you know (oops, we said the word…)! The quality of this made-in-USA premium item from Wincraft is astounding.

Boston Celtics 17-Time NBA Champions EXTRA-LARGE Premium Felt Pennant – Wincraft

Speaking of championships, this one must be seen in person to be believed. From Photofile’s “Photoramics” collection, this is a spectacular celebration of the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics. Pierce, Allen, Garnett, Rondo, Cassell, House, Perkins, Davis, and the rest are all here, in stunning color and detail from original photographic sources.

If you just want to hang that magnificent lucky leprechaun logo, you have several choices. For the ultimate in simplicity and value, just grab one of these official NBA team logo posters from Costacos Sports. For a splash of retro style, check out this standard-sized premium felt pennant featuring the throwback style. For something really bold – REALLY BIG – you can order this massive three-foot-by-five-foot banner that can go on the wall, on a flagpole, or with you to the game to help you get on TV!

Boston Celtics NBA Basketball Premium Felt Collector’s Pennant – Wincraft Inc.

Finally, get up to speed with some new-school. Rajon Rondo is today’s most popular poster boy for the green-and-white, but we’ve also got you covered with KG and Paul Pierce. And as the months and years go by and new stars arrive…we’ll have you covered!