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Winter Olympics Posters – Our Top Five Favourites

February 21, 2014

While the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have been a terrific sporting spectacle, sadly their product licensing department dropped the ball, and consequently there was no worldwide licensee for posters. As far as we know, only a single Russian publisher had any designs available, and they were forbidden from exporting to us here in North America. But, it does give us an opportunity to review with you our top-five favourite official Winter Olympics poster designs from years past. (All previous Olympic Games official posters are available in our Olympic Museum Collection).

5. Lake Placid 1980

Lake Placid 1980 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint - $34.95

Lake Placid 1980 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint – $34.95

This simple, beautiful design became an icon for an era, introducing a color scheme that dominated the early 1980s, and evoking the glorious cold-war-era victory of Team USA over the Soviets in hockey in that year’s “Miracle on Ice”.  Many consider Lake Placid 1980 to have been the greatest Winter Games of all-time, a model that has rarely been matched since!

4. Innsbruck 1964

Innsbruck 1964 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint - $34.95

Innsbruck 1964 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint – $34.95

As the Lake Placid poster became a design icon for the ’80s, this official poster for Innsbruck, Austria’s first of two Winter Olympic Games became a style guide for 1960s ski fashion. The blue-on-blue color scheme is spectacular, and the snowflake icon is simply stunning. A bit of trivia for Winter Olympics fans: Innsbruck hosted the games again just 12 years later, when they were originally awarded to Denver, Colorado, but then relocated to Innsbruck again after Denver’s voters rejected the games due to skyrocketing costs.

3. St. Moritz 1948

St. Moritz, Switzerland 1948 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint - $34.95

St. Moritz, Switzerland 1948 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint – $34.95

After a twelve-year absence due to World War II, the Olympics returned to the world stage with the St. Moritz games of 1948. The poster design is magnificent, evoking a new dawn in the war-torn history of Europe, with two cross-country skiiers watching in awe as the sky comes alive with a frost-filled sunrise atop the alps. Amazing 1940s-era style!

2. Salt Lake City 2002

Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games

Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games “Light the Fire Within” Vintage Original Poster – $39.95

We have always adored this poster, with its motivational message (“Light the Fire Within”), and its unique artwork featuring a fiery torch-bearer emerging out of the snow and ice of the winter chill. Surprisingly, the IOC chose the much-more pedestrian “Salt Lake Flag” design as it’s “official” Salt Lake 2002 poster for posterity; however, we remain partial to this one as the true visual-arts symbol of that magnificent games.

1. Lake Placid 1932

Lake Placid 1932 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint - $34.95

Lake Placid 1932 Winter Olympic Games Official IOC Poster Reprint – $34.95

This spectacular work of graphic arts set a standard for Winter Games posters that, in our opinion, remains unmatched to this day. It has it all – the Olympic rings prominently displayed; the location and dates in an iconic font style evocative of the era; a superb art deco-era overall appearance; and artwork that includes one of the key sports of winter competition, with a ski jumper soaring high above a map of the USA, with Lake Placid’s location clearly marked in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. Simply perfect!

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O, Canada! Top 10 Canadian Sports Posters from

February 11, 2013

The Sports Poster market may be dominated by the great United States of America, but that hasn’t stopped Canada from having its own unique favourites! is proud to present our Top 10 Canadian Sports Posters:

10. Steve Nash, Canada’s future NBA Hall of Famer – His track record of MVP performances, deep playoff runs, and revolutionary point guard style, make him a must-have addition to the sports wall of any proud Canadian fan!

9. Canadian Skiing Vintage Poster Reprints – Canada has had some of the world’s best skiing destinations for nearly a century. Banff-Lake Louise, still a world-renowned resort, was made famous in the first half of the 20th century as the prime destination on the Canadian Pacific railway. Thanks to the Eurographics Corp. of Montreal, we now have six classic vintage reprints from this era in our Vintage Skiing Poster Reprints collection, along with other Canadian and non-Canadian vintage ski posters.

SKI IN CANADA c.1938 Triple Gelandesprung Vintage Skiing Travel Poster Reprint – Canadian Pacific

8. Canadian MLB Baseball Superstars – Take pride in Canada’s baseball heroes who managed to make it through all those long, harsh winters to persevere and make it to the big leagues! We’ve got the 5-tool superstar of the 1990s, Larry Walker; Canada’s first Hall-of-Famer, Ferguson Jenkins; Cincinnati’s super-slugger Joey Votto; and Toronto Blue Jays third base dynamo Brett Lawrie.


7. Canadian NHL Hockey Superstars – There’s just far too many players to mention here – but we’ve got ’em all! Whether it’s old-school heroes like Maurice Richard and Gordie Howe; 1970s sensations Bobby Orr, Bobby Clarke, Darryl Sittler or Guy Lafleur; 1980s legends Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, or Mike Bossy; 1990s dominators Patrick Roy, Steve Yzerman or Joe Sakic; or contemporary favourites Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos or Jonathan Toews; you’ll find endless ways to bring your wall alive with Canada’s greatest contributions to the sporting universe!

6. Official Olympic Games Posters – Imported from the IOC’s Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, we are North America’s exclusive online distributor of official Olympic Games reprint posters. And we are proud to always have in stock, the official poster designs for Montreal 1976, Calgary 1988 and Vancouver 2010.


5. Ken Danby’s Iconic Hockey Art – Ontario artist Ken Danby went from unknown local painter, to one of Canada’s most beloved legends, when his “At the Crease” captured the imagination of Canadians everywhere in 1972. Is it a painting of Ken Dryden? Tony Esposito? According to the late Danby, it’s neither – it’s loosely based on his Guelph, Ontario Friday Night pickup league buddy. We are proud to be the last remaining retailer of Danby’s full-sized poster prints – At the Crease, as well as the two companion pieces, 1973’s “Lacing Up”, and 1997’s “Face Off”.

4. Team Canada Hockey, Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Champions – After the debacle of Nagano 1998, Canada came through at Salt Lake 2002 to regain our hockey pride, and return to our rightful place on the gold medal podium. Thanks to the heroics of Martin Brodeur, Rob Blake, Scott Niedermayer, Jarome Iginla, Paul Kariya, Mario Lemieux, Joe Sakic, Brendan Shanahan, Steve Yzerman and the rest of this group of contemporary superstars and all-time greats, Team Canada overcame the host Americans and reigned supreme once again!

3. Joe Carter “Touch ’em All” 1993 World Series Game 6 – In 1992, the Toronto Blue Jays made it onto everyone’s baseball map with their first World Series Championship. In 1993, Joe Carter did Canada one better, giving us an iconic moment that will live forever in the pantheon of baseball history! When he connected off Mitch Williams of the Philadelphia Phillies and gave baseball only its second World Series walk-off homer of all-time, Joe gave us a moment to be proud of forever, and an image we can all proudly hang on our Canadian sports wall-of-fame!

2. Sidney Crosby’s “Golden Goal”, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games – If you thought the pressure to win was heavy on Team Canada in 2002, try adding home-country expectations to the equation! In 2010, Canada’s Men’s Hockey Team was once again coming off a disastrous performance in the previous Olympic Games, and with the Gold Medal game against the Americans heading into overtime, it looked like the pressure may have been too much, after all. Then, Jarome Iginla and Sidney Crosby worked their magical give-and-go, and the rest is history – the golden moment, now available for your wall and your collection!

1. Paul Henderson “The Goal” , Summit Series 1972 Winner in Moscow – Need we say more? It was the defining sporting moment of several generations, and the drama of the image matches the drama of the series. It was a clash of styles, a clash of cultures, a clash of ideologies, and a story of perseverance and excellence that may never be matched in hockey history. When Paul Henderson beat Soviet goaltender Vladislav Tretiak with less than a minute to play, a nation roared, and Henderson became the poster-boy of all-time for Canada.

Decorating your Kids’ Bedroom Walls: Top 10 Ideas from Sports Poster Warehouse!

February 6, 2013

When asked this week by an American home decorating blogger for some guidance on the best-selling posters for kids’ rooms, I thought: wow, now there’s an impossible task! With over 10,000 items in stock, and no way to tell which ones are bought specifically for kids’ rooms, we thought it best to write a top-10 list of what experience tells us are the best ideas for your kids’ sports-related theme. With a mix of subjectivity and objectivity, here’s your list of the Top 10 Ideas for Decorating your Kids’ Bedroom Walls:

10. Team Logo Posters – A simple, colorful, and effective way to fill up a lot of space, for a reasonable price, with little risk of the images going quickly “out of style”, is to go with official logo posters for your child’s hometown or favorite teams. Amazing value starting at just $10.95 each, with most NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA teams in stock. (Direct links to posters seen in the graphic below: Lakers, Canadiens, Nationals, Tar Heels). For NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB, we also have the ever-popular “All Logos” posters, available in one of our most popular combo specials, the Pro Sports Universe Combo.


9. “Touring the Majors” Ballpark Map of America – Every young baseball fan dreams of the ultimate road trip – going coast-to-coast across the great land (and across the border to Toronto), enjoying the great national pastime in all the amazing parks they’ve only seen on TV. This amazing poster brings that dream alive with colorful illustrations and a playful spirit. A all-time best-seller!

8. Girl Power! – Our Women in Sport collection has over 190 unique and exciting items dedicated specifically to the female side of athletics. From the classic superstars of the ever-growing phenomenon of Women’s Soccer, to the popular stars of the US Women’s Softball Team,  to tennis heroes like Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki, to some classy vintage style, this is the best way to empower your young women and provide them with positive role modelling for their athletic careers.

7. NASCAR Auto Racing Banners – Everyone with little ones knows: little boys LOVE race cars! And little boys love watching the fast, colorful, edge-of-your-seat excitement of NASCAR races with their daddies. For a big, bold, colorful addition to your kids’ walls, consider a NASCAR 3’x5′ flag, which can easily be pinned to a wall indoors. Over 20 different drivers available, including favorites Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and last year’s champion Brad Keselowski.

6. The “Sports Wisdom” Motivational Series – This amazing 11-poster series has it all: stylish colors, action-packed artwork, and profound positive messages that are sure to inspire your child to new heights! Pick one for their favorite sport, or order five to complete a fully-themed wall. Editions available for baseball, football, lacrosse, swimming, cycling, hockey, and more!

5. The Americana Collection – Sports and American culture go hand-in-hand – they share the same value system; that hard work combined with equal opportunity, and infused with a fighting spirit, can lead to success for all! Some of our most beloved and best-selling posters come from our Americana Collection, containing over 190 posters ranging from historical moments, to great Presidents, to beautiful city skylines, and patriotic-themed art.

4. “Dreams” and “Portrait of a Dunk” Basketball Posters – Two of our favorites for starry-eyed hoop dreamers who someday hope to soar with the greats in the NBA! These, and many other great posters, available in our Basketball Theme Art Collection:

3. All-American Baseball Stars – When it comes to your childrens’ role models, athletic prowess is not all there is to it. You want positive, upstanding character traits, too – like humility, compassion, self-control, teamwork, and consistent effort. These highly-recommended all-American baseball stars combine all of those traits, and more! The elder statesman of the group is Derek Jeter, the legendary shortstop of the New York Yankees who has gone 17 years in the major leagues without a whiff of scandal:

Derek Jeter RETRO SUPERCARD New York Yankees Poster Print – Photofile 16×20

Next, there’s the 2012 A.L. Rookie of the Year, Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels, who kept his mouth shut and let his talent do the talking as he dominated the American League at age 20:

Mike Trout STEALING THIRD (2012) L.A. Angels Premium Poster Print – Photofile 16×20

Back over to the National League, there’s the emerging superstar of the Atlanta Braves, Jason Heyward, who is already entering his fourth year in the big leagues at age 23 and is the favorite baseball son of the great Hank Aaron:

Jason Heyward SUPERSTAR Poster – Atlanta Braves Baseball – Costacos Sports

And finally, there’s the brash, bold, but right-minded Bryce Harper, who made a splash in 2012 at age 19 and may never look back on his way to the Hall of Fame:

Bryce Harper PHENOM Washington Senators Poster Print (2012) – Photofile 16×20

2. The Iconic Quarterback – like the All-American baseball star, the big-time NFL quarterback is an iconic symbol of the sporting world. The great ones are often the best role models in sports, combining God-given talent with the leadership abilities we all hope our children can emulate as they grow into positions of responsibility in their own lives. Today’s top QBs are household names around the world, and these men are known for their great personal character as well:

Colin Kaepernick DYNAMO San Francisco 49ers Premium Poster Print (2012)

Joe Flacco SUPER BOWL XLVII (2013) MVP Baltimore Ravens Commemorative Poster – Costacos

Robert Griffin III GO CATCH YOUR DREAM Washington Redskins Poster Print by Wishum Gregory

Peyton Manning MILE HIGH MONSTER Denver Broncos Poster – Costacos Sports 2012

Tim Tebow ADVERSITY Inspirational Motivational Poster – Trends International 2012

1. Wincraft Premium Felt Pennants – Kids’ rooms have been adorned with pennants of all kinds for more than a century now. In the past four years, this legendary decorative genre has undergone a renaissance, thanks to the Minnesota-based Wincraft Corp.’s amazing patented felt printing technology. With their ability to reproduce all manner of graphic details and sharp photographic images on traditional rollable soft felt that won’t bend, rip or fade, you now have access to over 1,300 dynamic, beautiful in-stock designs to choose from, starting at just $12.95 each. You can pick from favorite players, great moments, hometown teams, retro styles, and more. Below is a collage of several best-selling styles; you can browse the entire collection here in our Wincraft Premium Felt Pennants Collection.

pennants-collageWe hope this blog posting has been informative and entertaining! Feel free to contact us any time with questions at, or by phone at toll-free 1-888-650-3455 (local 416-696-8353).

Top 10 Fitness poster ideas for your professional or home gym

January 7, 2013

Do your gym walls need a facelift? As New Year’s brings your gym alive with new commitment and new routines, make sure you bring your walls alive to make your workouts more productive! Here are the Top 10 Fitness poster ideas of 2013 from the world’s leader in sports decor, The Sports Poster Warehouse. Order online any time for rapid delivery right to your door, to all 50 States, and anywhere else in the world!

10. Cardio Training Zone Fitness Wall Chart – from our Cardio Fitness Wall Charts Collection.

Cardio Training Zone Fitness Wall Chart Poster – Fitnus Corp.

Every gym needs one of these charts, which feature the American Heart Association and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports’ universal guidelines for cardiovascular workouts. This chart, other similar designs, and charts for specific cardio equipment (Elliptical, Treadmill, Stationary Cycle, etc.) found in our Cardio Training Wall Chart Collection.

9. Marilyn Monroe “Pumping Iron” (c.1952) Classic Poster Print – from our Black & White Fitness Poster Collection.

Marilyn Monroe “Pumping Iron” (1952) Poster Print – Fotofolio Inc.

This has been one of our top-selling fitness-related posters for nearly a decade! Need we say more? This, and other great black-and-white beauties, available in our Fitness Black & White Collection.

8. Yoga Wall Chart (Paths, Chakras, Positions) – from our Yoga Fitness Collection.

Yoga Wall Chart Poster (Paths, Chakras, Positions) – Nuova 1984

Also a long-time classic, this amazing wall chart uses colorful graphics and informative text to bring all aspects of Yoga alive – the physical, mental, and spiritual union that makes Yoga one of the fastest-growing areas of body fitness in the world! This, and much more, available in our Yoga Collection.

7. Fitness Area Rules Wall Chart Poster – from our Gym Rules Posters Collection.

Fitness Area Rules Wall Chart Poster – Productive Fitness

For the professional gym owner – or the home gym owner who’s husband JUST. WON’T. GET. IT. – we have this design, and many more, in our Gym Rules Poster Collection.

6. “Runner’s Passion” – from our Running Collection.

Runner’s Passion (Winter Road) Motivational Running Poster

Indoor workouts and outdoor running often go hand-in-hand. And nothing says “Just Do It” like the scene in this brilliant poster, which leaves you with NO EXCUSES to avoid getting out in the fresh air and continuing your journey to fitness. This, and more, in our Running Collection.

5. Nutrition for Sport Instructional Wall Chart – from our Nutrition Fitness Posters Collection.

NUTRITION FOR SPORT Healthy Diet Fitness Wall Chart Poster – Chartex Ltd.

Our favorite nutritional fitness poster comes from UK’s Chartex Products, another of our exclusive professional fitness poster publishers. With help from senior sports scientists, this one is designed brilliantly for the wall of any health professional – as the poster says, “Choose Well – Eat Well – Perform Well”.

4. Women’s Exercise & Muscle Guide – from our Anatomy Charts Collection.

Women’s Exercise and Muscle Guide Wall Chart Poster – Fitnus Corp.

Anatomy charts are another “must-have” for every serious gym – and we have many of them! This is one of our favorites (and there’s a matching Men’s Guide as well); but you’ll find 15 additional styles in our Anatomy Wall Charts Collection.

3. “Passion + Commitment = Results” Motivational Poster – from our Motivational Collection.

Passion + Commitment = Results (Women’s Fitness) –

Just as important as professional instructional charts, are posters with images and messages that inspire you to new heights! This is one of the best motivational posters we’ve ever seen, but you can have your choice from over 500 selections in our Motivational Collection.

2. Stretching Exercise Wall Chart Set (3-Poster Combo) – from our Stretching Fitness Poster Collection.

Stretching Exercise Wall Chart Set (3-Poster Combo) – Chartex

Proper stretching techniques can make or break a workout – and yet, as any fitness professional could affirm, almost everyone does it wrong! This amazing 3-poster set is the most comprehensive guide to proper stretching. Available as one of a dozen choices in our Stretching Fitness Collection.

1. Dumbbell Workout 2-Poster Combo – from our Strength Training Collection.

Dumbbell Workout 2-Poster Combo – Fitnus Posters Inc.

Finally, here’s our best-selling Fitness item – showing you that, with a simple pair of dumbbells, almost every muscle in the body can be toned to perfection! Part of our extensive Strength Training Collection. Perhaps you’ve seen these posters hanging in a gym near you!

The Top 10 New Sports Posters of 2012

December 22, 2012

It’s that time of the year – Top 10 time! Here is a review of our top 10 new posters of 2012.

11. All right, we couldn’t quite narrow it down to 10, so we’ll start with one that could have been left off the list, but holds a soft spot in our hearts:

Jeremy Lin “Broadway Hit” – Photofile 16×20

During that February-March period in the sports calendar we normally call the “ESPN Dead Zone”, a little-known third-string point guard emerged from the shadows to light Manhattan, and the NBA universe, on fire! Jeremy Lin spun that miraculous run with the Knicks into a $25 million contract with the Houston Rockets to become the face of that franchise. Lin Houston Rockets posters to come in 2013…

10. Another little cheat on the “Top 10” format here. We couldn’t make room for both of the world’s top soccer stars, so we combined them under one entry:

Cristiano Ronaldo “Superstar” Real Madrid Action Poster (2012/13)

Lionel Messi “Concentration” FC Barcelona Poster (2012/13)

These spectacular posters come from our exclusive North American distribution agreement with the official Real Madrid and Barcelona poster publisher. Flown in from Granada, Spain just in time for Christmas 2012!

9. Our final “cheat” – the two baseball stars for whom the word “phenom” hardly suffices:

Mike Trout “Stealing Third” – Photofile 16×20

Bryce Harper “Launch” – Costacos 2012

Mike Trout and Bryce Harper, who starred as rookies at ages 20 and 19, respectively, will be subject of many, many more posters in the years to come!

8. There are few institutions that represent good-old American values of intellectual, moral, and physical greatness better than Notre Dame – and in 2012, Notre Dame was back!

Notre Dame Football “A Celebration of 125 Years” Panoramic Print

On the way to a perfect season and their first chance at National Championship glory since 1988, Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas stopped in to South Bend, Indiana to take this spectacular rare night-game shot of the legendary stadium, during the mid-season victory over rival Michigan.

7. Now this one’s both historic, and cool!

“From Kentucky to the NBA” (5 Draft Picks) – Costacos 2012

The dominating 2012 Kentucky Wildcats, NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions, sent no less than five of its stars to the NBA via the NBA Draft: Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Terrence Jones, Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb. This amazing poster flies each player to his rookie-year destination from Lexington, in time for opening night!

6. Celebrate, Giants fans – Eli and the boys did the impossible yet again, and knocked off Brady and “Hoodie” in the big game!

New York Giants “Celebration XLVI” Super Bowl Championship Commemorative Poster – Costacos 2012

This poster brings the Super Bowl XLVI champion New York Giants alive with amazing style, including shots of Eli Manning with the MVP trophy, and Mario Manningham making his ridiculous game-saving sideline grab.

5. The Panda, making history!

Pablo Sandoval 2012 World Series MVP Commemorative Poster (3-HR Game 1)

Credit for this amazing piece goes to our friend, photographer Brad Mangin (@BradMangin on Twitter), who was live in the photographer’s pit in San Francisco to capture all three moments-of-contact for Pablo Sandoval in his historic 3-HR Game 1 of the 2012 World Series.

4. You know you’re something when an entire nation knows you by five simple letters at the age of 22: RGIII!

Robert Griffin III “Arrival” Washington Redskins Rookie-Year Poster (2012)

Like Trout and Harper above, we’re quite certain that this phenom will be the subject of many, many more posters in the future. Combining humility, personality, and absolutely sick skills, Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins has a chance to become a transcendent national superstar, a Michael Jordan of football. Here’s hoping the folks at Costacos step up with some even better designs, and make him a lock for #1 in 2013!

3. More than 100 years of history, celebrating the world’s #1 sporting spectacle!

Summer Olympic Games 1896-2008 Officia IOCl Poster Collection Poster

For several years now, we have been the exclusive North American retailer of the IOC’s official Olympic poster reprints, but in conjunction with their 2012 London Olympic Games collection, Pyramid Posters released this amazing piece this year. A must for any Olympics fan and serious poster collector!

2.From the MMA fight of the year!

UFC 154 Official Fight Bill Poster (St-Pierre vs Condit, Montreal 11/17/2012)

From an otherwise ho-hum year in MMA came this barnburner of a fight in Montreal – when hometown favorite Georges St-Pierre came back from a long layoff to take down Carlos Condit and prove himself once again to be pound-for-pound the greatest fighter in the game! This poster has it all, too – spectacular golden hues, all the event details, and the perfect belt-to-belt face-off shot that screams intensity. We are pleased to be the UFC’s exclusive retailer in the poster specialty market, giving us access to the official posters that are otherwise only seen on bar and restaurant walls!

1. A work of high-flying hoops beauty!

Miami Heat ACTION STARS NBA Action Poster – LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade – Costacos Sports

The core of the dominating NBA Champion Miami Heat, each flushing down a slam, showing off the three styles of Heat uniforms, with awesome superhero-inspired graphics – this one truly has it all, one for the ages. If 2012 was the start of a new NBA dynasty, then this one will remain on fans’ walls for a long, long time.