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Rare Find on eBay: Fran Tarkenton 1976 Studio One/Sports Illustrated Poster

March 22, 2008

Here’s a poster that’s got a couple of collectors embroiled in a serious bidding war this weekend! From the ultra-rare Studio One poster company that produced the old Sports Illustrated posters from approximately 1973 to 1978, here’s a Minnesota Vikings beauty featuring legendary quarterback Fran Tarkenton – quite probably, the final poster release of his career:

Fran Tarkenton 1976 Studio One Poster

The photography, it appears, is from the 1975 regular-season finale in the snow at Buffalo, a big victory that launched the Vikings into the playoffs at 12-2 – a great regular season squandered just a week later with a first-round playoff disaster against the Dallas Cowboys.

At the time of posting (March 22 at 1:50pm EDT), bidding on this poster had already reached $132.50. Prices rarely reach this level for even the most sought-after old-school SI posters, so someone must know exactly how hard this one is to find! Here’s the link to the auction (note: I can’t vouch for the quality of the seller or the accuracy of the listing. This is posted for collectors interest only.)

Kareem Adbul-Jabbar 1974 SI Poster (Studio One)

June 29, 2007

(Posting by Neil Flagg)

Here’s how great this hobby is – after a decade in the business, I’m still coming across posters I’ve never seen before! Here’s a beauty, from the rare Studio One Sports Illustrated years (1973-1978):

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1974 SI Poster Studio One Milwaukee Bucks

An amazing Kareem skyhook poster from 1974 – his final season with the Milwaukee Bucks – and to top it off, he’s schooling the center for his soon-to-be team, the L.A. Lakers! This one is up for auction now, ending July 3. The condition doesn’t look great, but these ultra-thin-paper posters from Studio One are nearly impossible to find without ripples and creases. I can’t vouch for the seller, but here’s the link to the auction if you are interested. We’ll see where it ends up – in better condition, I’d guess easily $100, but with such a lousy photograph, I don’t think it will go for more than $30. We’ll see…

UPDATE July 1/07 – Winning bid, $42.77. A fair price for a very tough piece!

Studio One Poster Photos

June 23, 2007

Per my last posting, here are some of my favorite Studio One Posters…

1977 Robin Yount Studio One1977 Cliff Branch Studio One1977 George Brett Studio One1977 Lynn Swann Studio One1977 Sal Bando Studio One1977 Delvin Williams Studio One1978 Vida Blue Studio One1977 Walter Payton Studio One

1975-1981 Studio One Posters

June 23, 2007

I’ve been collecting Sports Illustrated posters for many years.  I’ve tracked every football and baseball SI poster made from 1968 to 1988 as best I could (including undisclosed variations.)  From this passion, I’ve found that the most difficult posters (on average) to obtain are the Studio One produced posters from ’75 to ’81’ish.  Studio One held the primary production rights for Pro sports posters from approximately 1975 to 1977.  They ushered in the now famous white border look that endured from the late ’70’s  through much of the ’80’s.

Unlike Sports Illustrated, Studio One primarly distributed their posters via mail order with ads in various sports related publications.  This was relatively standard practice at the time, but didn’t allow for the mass marketing that Sports Illustrated was able to leverage in the late 70’s with poster distribution in Sporting Goods stores and the like.

Due to this limited distribution, the posters are often difficult to find.  In my 20+ years of collecting posters, I have only seen about 30%-40% of Studio One’s that were actually produced!  There are still many to be “found.”  This is what is so amazing about collecting posters…the true rarity.  Imagine if you found a baseball card the was never seen on eBay?  That thrill is available with posters.

I’ve also spent that last 9 years tracking poster pricing on eBay and found that Studio One posters do NOT command a premium (which is great for me!!)  Like most posters, the rarity isn’t really known.  I’ve attached a couple pictures of my personal favorites (hopefully they show up.)

Fred Biletnikoff 1971(?) Studio One/Renselaar Sports Illustrated SI Poster

June 5, 2007

Fred Biletnikoff Studio One or Renselaar Sports Illustrated Poster

Interesting auction just posted to eBay – a rare Fred Biletnikoff poster from the early 1970s. Seller says it’s a glossy from 1971. Now, as far as I know, the 1971 SI posters were still published by Renselaar Corp. in matte finish, while Studio One’s glossy posters didn’t start until 1972 or 1973. Either Studio One did start in 1971; the seller has mis-dated this, and it’s actually from ’72 or ’73; or it’s actually a Renselaar poster that was printed in glossy format for some reason. In any case, this is sure to be a hard-fought auction – I’m guessing $100+. We’ll see where it ends up!

Update 06/12/2007: Whaddya know – ended at $95.00, to what looks like a serious Raiders fanatic.