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The Flagg Collection #2: 1972 Oakland A’s World Champs ProMotions MLB Baseball Poster

May 9, 2017

For real, serious sports poster collectors and enthusiasts, this feature is for you! On a periodic basis, I’ll be using this blog to display and describe the holdings of The Flagg Collection – the personal collection of rare and vintage posters collected by me, Neil Flagg, the founder and President of

As the second entry in this blog series, I’m pleased to show off another classic from 1972 (which happens to be the year of my birth). This is the ultimate get for fans of the Oakland A’s franchise, and collectors of the 1971-72 ProMotions series that featured brilliant artistic collages for each of baseball’s 24 teams of the era. I’m not quite sure how these posters were sold back in the day, but my guess would be some sort of mail-order promotion through sports magazine advertisements.


The artwork on every poster in the series is amazing, and this one is no exception. They all just SCREAM early-1970s in style, as 1960s psychedelia combines with a dose of more gritty 1970s realism, to make the time frame unmistakeable. The players in each poster are intended to be generic (seems these were licensed by the league, but not the player’s association), but fans of the era usually pick up on the artist’s intention (maybe a little Bert Campaneris, Gene Tenace, Catfish Hunter and Joe Rudi resemblance here?)

The artist “Smith” captures the amazing Charlie O. Finley era “Swingin’ A’s” style to perfection in this poster. The green-and-gold color palette, the moustachio’d players, the Bay Area scenery, and, of course, the on-field success. This was released soon after the A’s first of three-consecutive World Series championships, the 1972 victory over the Cincinnati Reds’ Big Red Machine.

As a championship commemorative, an iconic keepsake of an era, and as simply a brilliant work of baseball art, this one has it all – one of my all-time favorite posters. As with most of the posters in The Flagg Collection, I’ve had this one canvas-transferred to preserve it forever with durability, in an easy-to-display format.