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Fathead Customer Feedback Forum: Complaints, Compliments, Value Proposition

October 25, 2007

The biggest noise in the sports poster market in the past two years has been made by Fathead LLC, the deep-pocketed newcomer to the sports wall graphics market. Spending millions on a high-profile advertising campaign featuring professional athletes, owners Camelot Ventures (Dan Gilbert and David Katzman, who also own the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers) hope to replace the $9 poster with the $99 wall cling as the most common way to decorate the room of a sports fan.

As a sports poster retailer, we have been given the opportunity to add the Fathead line to our product catalog. However, we have a couple of concerns to address before we decide whether or not it is worth the trouble. I would like to solicit feedback from customers who have purchased Fathead wall-clings in the past, to find out how the product is in practice. In particular, we’d like to know the following:

1) Has the stickiness of your Fathead endured the test of time? How long did it take before it began to lose its stickiness and start peeling from the wall? Or, has it stayed strong and flat to this day?

2) Does the fact that the Fathead wall graphics are actually split in two parts bother you? Does this affect the overall look of the graphic, or does it not make a difference?

3) Does the product look as good in person, as it did online or on TV? If not, was it a great disappointment? Or, alternatively, is it just as awesome out of the package?

4) Was the product worth the price you paid?

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