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Michael Phelps Swimming Posters

February 10, 2009

There has been a lot written and said about Michael Phelps in the past week. Yes he was caught in a compromising photograph, however we must not forget what this young man has done for the world of sport. No Phelps is not excused from his wrong doings. Yet we must do our best to still recognize and remember his accomplishments. Thus, the staff at Sports Poster Warehouse would once again like to showcase Michael Phelps to the world!

Michael Phelps DETERMINATION Swimming Poster


Phelps currently holds 32 world records in the sport of swimming. He has accumulated 14 gold and 2 bronze medals over the past 3 summer Olympics. It’s clear that Michael Phelps is already at ‘legendary’ status and is brodering on the debate of ‘greatest athletes of all time’.

Michael Phelps 8 GOLD! Poster


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Michael Phelps “8 Gold” Poster (2008), Mark Spitz “7 Gold” Poster (1972)

August 21, 2008

Fans of the now-legendary Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps will be thrilled to know that the instant-classic Sports Illustrated cover of August 25, 2008 is being published as a gallery-quality 18″x24″ poster for your wall (pre-ordering starts now; shipping starts 09/02/2008):

Michael Phelps 8 Gold! Poster (2008)

Admittedly, SI was trying to re-create the feel of this old poster – one of the best-selling sports posters of all-time, Mark Spitz “7 Gold!”, the 1972 classic that helped launch the company Studio One into prominence as the #1 poster publisher of the 1970s:
Mark Spitz "7 Gold" Poster (1972)

Mark Spitz "7 Gold" (1972)

This poster was published in several versions throughout 1972 and 1973 (door-sized version seen here), with print runs likely in the hundreds of thousands – but unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find one available for sale in any type of decent condition. We do know that one copy is held at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia, as part of its Speedo Swimwear Collection (click on the link for further detailed information on the poster). Our guess on the value of one of these posters in decent condition? At least $300.