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2008 Lacrosse Posters – NCAA Championships, RBK NLL

July 20, 2008
The market for lacrosse posters, compared to most sports, is small. But players and fans of LAX are a passionate bunch, so anything we do get in stock sells very quickly! For 2008, we have added three great items that you’ll love. First, there’s the 2008 NCAA Lacrosse Championships official poster:

2008 NCAA Lacrosse Championships Official Poster

Published for sale at concession stands during the annual weekend tournament (this year, held at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, May 24 & 26), we are one of very few retailers who stock these posters outside the stadium. Amazing art on this year’s poster – and, as luck would have it, the logo of the eventual winning school, Syracuse, was printed first in the lineup!
Another new Lacrosse poster also comes from this year’s NCAA Championship weekend, “How Would You Celebrate?”:

Thankfully, AT&T limited its advertising content to just a small logo at bottom-left, leaving you with a brilliant poster design that features 16 of the best NCAA Lacrosse celebration shots they could find (including the Virginia Cavaliers’ 2007 victory pile-up), all superimposed over the packed championship game stadium stands. Don’t miss out on this one – we were lucky enough to obtain a small quantity from a Boston-area collectibles dealer, and will certainly never see these again once they’ve sold out.

Finally, check out this poster trio, from the fine equipment makers at Reebok:

These posters – two of which feature NLL star Brodie Merrill of the Portland LumberJax – celebrate the sport with three very different images. Never available to the general public (these were sent to retailers to decorate their stores), we’ve obtained a small quantity of these through a third-party, and are making them available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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