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Now Available: New England Patriots PERFECT SEASON 2007 Commemorative Posters

January 3, 2008

Who would have believed it? 16-0, and single-season touchdown records for Tom Brady and Randy Moss. Check it out, Pats fans – the perfect addition to your sports wall-of-fame, and a must-have addition to your collection! This two-poster set has just been released by Costacos Sports, and will be in-stock for shipping on January 11.

New England Patriots Perfect Season, Record Breakers 2007 Posters

What a phenomenal job the publisher did with these bad boys! Great action photography, historic achievements, slick design – simply perfect. Just $17.95 plus shipping for the pair for pre-orders; sure to rise as time goes by and they become more and more scarce.

Is there a team that can beat them in the playoffs? Leave your predictions in the comments below…