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Michael Jordan 1988 Slam Dunk Championship Print, 1987 Slam Dunk Champ, 1989 Dunk

June 24, 2009

UPDATE 2/14/2013 – We now have the 1988 image back in stock! Click here for this amazing 20″x24″ print.

Serious Michael Jordan collectors are aware that perhaps the most famous MJ photograph ever taken – the straight-on mid-flight free-throw-line-takeoff dunk that won him the 1998 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest championship on his home court in Chicago – hasn’t been available in any format for years (except for those $1,000+ autographed editions that no one actually buys). The old Nike “MVP” poster was in print from 1988 until about 2001, but was discontinued by Nike when they retired their entire poster line around that time. Meanwhile, Photofile had a slightly different photographic angle available as part of its Jordan collection until last year, but it wasn’t nearly as good a shot, and Photofile lost its MJ license in late 2008.

Upper Deck is now the exclusive license holder for Michael Jordan images, and they’ve come kicking-and-screaming into releasing three classics – including the ’88 Slam Dunk shot – in 8″x10″ matted photo reprint format. They’re not doing poster size, but these are quite beautiful in their own right. Check out full details by clicking on the image or below. In stock now!

Michael Jordan Classic Dunks Trio - Upper Deck Co.

Michael Jordan “Classic Dunks Trio” – Upper Deck Co.

These are spectacular. Each one comes as an 8″x10″, but if you factor in the size of the matting, and put the three on the wall together, it will fill up even more space on your wall than your average poster. A brilliant exclusive from Sports Poster Warehouse!