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The rare 1987 Tony Gwynn “At the Beach” Rawlings Gold Glove Poster

August 31, 2017

How’s this for an oddball? We came across this one in a box of mixed stock we bought from a southwestern collectibles dealer recently. It’s a full-sized poster of the late, great Hall of Fame legend Tony Gwynn during his MLB prime with the San Diego Padres.

It’s staged in the style of the timeless, cheeky Costacos Brothers¬† posters of the era, but this one was put out on behalf of Rawlings by a company called “Figgle International” (first we’ve heard of them…probably did one poster, then bust). Tony’s a SoCal native who played his whole career in San Diego, so being comfortable on the beach was completely natural to him! The Rawlings Gold Glove lying next to him in the sand like a conch shell is a nice touch.

Who knows how many of these ever made it up on walls back in the ’80s. It’s a mystery to us. Let us know in the comments if you had one of these up on your wall when you were a kid! And if you’re interested in owning this and happen to read this post in time, click over here to our eBay auction and give it your best shot.