Welcome to The Sports Posters Blog!

Hello world! As the owner and general manager of the world’s #1 retailer of new, rare, and vintage sports posters, SportsPosterWarehouse.com, I would like to welcome you to the world’s first blog dedicated to our little niche of the sports memorabilia and wall decor world.

My plan is to use this blog as a focal point for those who are interested in sports posters from a collector’s and hobbyist’s perspective. From the old Stancraft NFL art of the late 1960s and early 1970s; to the vast Sports Illustrated series that went from Renselaar (1968-71) to Studio One (1972-1977) to Marketcom (1978-1993) to oblivion; to the rise of Starline (1987-2003) and Costacos Brothers (1987-1997); to the ultimate dominance of Trends International (now owner of the Costacos brand, 1999-present); to the always-popular Nike posters (1978-present); to the fledgling Fathead company; and everything else in between; eventually, you’ll find it all here!

As a start, here’s info on the seven highly collectible posters seen in the banner at the top of this page (clockwise from left, with approximate $US values for new-condition stock):

  • Wayne Gretzky – Sports Illustrated/Marketcom, circa 1982 (extremely rare hockey entry in the white-border series, $150-$200)
  • Michael Jordan “MVP” (1988 Slam Dunk Contest) – Nike Inc. (likely the best-selling sports poster of all-time. Out-of-print since 2000. $35-$75)
  • Bo Jackson “The Ballplayer” – Nike Inc. circa 1988. (a sensation from the brief era of Bo-mania. $75-$200)
  • Tiger Woods “Drive” – Nike Inc. 2004 (promo for apparel retailers, short print run, never sold to poster trade. $35-$75)
  • Bart Starr – Sports Illustrated/Renselaar Corp. 1968 (incredibly hard-to-find football entry in the original SI series. $250-$400)
  • John Starks “The Dunk” (1993 Playoffs vs. Bulls) – Starline Inc. (limited release for New York market. $40-$75)
  • Oakland A’s “World Champs” – ProMotions 1972 (from the most artistically-significant poster series ever published; $75-$150)

Feel free to add  your commentary any time! Enjoy.

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119 Comments on “Welcome to The Sports Posters Blog!”

  1. The Starks dunk still amazes me.

  2. ramona Says:

    Has there been any updates on the Beijing 2008 olympic poster? I even tried contacting NBC and even they haven’t come up with an answer as to why the poster doesn’t exist.

  3. DAN Cahill Says:

    I have 10 or 15 Nike posters from the 70’s. For example
    The Ice MAn
    The Supreme court

    Do you buy these any guess on value.

  4. Mike Says:

    Looking for Bo Jackson “The Ballplayer” poster? See it listed above but nothing further.

  5. Carlos Says:

    Looking for Michael Jordan “Succeed” poster.

    Any info.?


  6. Jesse V. Says:

    looking for the “ball player” poster, any info on where i might be able to track one down? thanks,

  7. mark Says:

    looking for vintage nike posters from 70’s and 80’s. ice man, chocolate thunder, etc… can you provide any help

  8. tim Says:

    I have two POSTERS AUTOGRAPHED from SI 1970.

    Bobby Hull

    Abdul Jabbar – Lou Alcicdor

    Photos taken during autographs

  9. tim Says:

    I have two POSTERS AUTOGRAPHED from SI 1970.

    Bobby Hull

    Abdul Jabbar – Lou Alcicdor

    Photos taken during autographs

  10. Calvin Says:

    Any body interested in 1968 Sports Illustrated MLB posters. Check out my lots 193 & 194. Mickey Mantle original sleeve unopened and unbroken ID seal. Hugginsandscott.com. Enjoy.

  11. jon-michael Says:

    I had a quick question dealing with the Michael Jordan 1988 MVP slam dunk contest poster. I have seen posters sold on ebay that feature a gray bottom, with the Nike symbol on the bottom right hand corner, with the text “1988 NBA MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Slam Dunk Champion, All Star MVP, and Leading Scorer” in the left hand corner. I was wondering if you know anything about spotting a fake Jordan “MVP” nike poster. This one seems to be original but I see tons of them with no gray bottom with text, just the picture with the nike swoosh in the upper right hand corner. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  12. Tim Says:

    I have two POSTERS AUTOGRAPHED from SI 1970.

    Bobby Hull

    Abdul Jabbar – Lou Alcicdor

    Photos taken during autographs would like to sell.
    Interested timj@shsinc.com

  13. jon-michael Says:

    I recently came across some old posters at my buddy’s house and was wondering if anybody knows the year or origination of these Michael Jordan posters. One of them says IMAGINATION in the bottom left hand corner in black and has 5 pictures of Michael Jordan in a white jumpsuit at various points of a dunk. It has a white “Air Jordan” logo, the original looking one in the bottom right hand corner. The entire left side border of the poster is small alternating black and red rectangles up the side. The second poster is of Michael Jordan jumping for a dunk in a crowd of kids on a backstreet basketball court. There is a black Nike “swoosh” logo in the top right corner. Does anybody know approx what year these posters came out. Were they part of a Jordan series or were they just released at different times over the years. Thanks so much in advance.

  14. Garrett Says:

    I kept some of my old posters in pretty good shape. The ones I like the best are the nike posters from the 80’s. The one I’m interested in getting information on is the Michael Jordan “filmstrip” poster (not to be confused with the “art of the dunk” poster that you see available online). Rather, this poster looks like a filmstrip or picture negative with three or four consecutive pics of Jordan. I can’t find it anywhere online. Anyone know the poster I’m referring to? I’d love to know what this is worth. feel free to email me at garrettjohnston23@yahoo.com


  15. Shaw Says:

    Hi there. I’m trying to find a Willis Reed poster. It was a Sports Illustrated picture, copyright 1970. Photo by James Drake. It’s Willis taking a shot (no one else in the picture), and he’s in his home uniform. The poster has a number on it–9B3. From what I can tell, you could order this from Baseball Digest. I can’t find it anywhere online! Any ideas?

  16. Sandy Says:

    Looking for a George Iceman Gervin Nike poster (blocks of ice) for sale. info@fdparker.com Thanks!

  17. Anne Says:

    Hi, I have a number of Nike posters (framed). One is a country road lined with snow showing a Runner with the words “There is no Finish Line” centred at the bottom and underneath NIKE and the swish. Another one is a locker room with a man sitting on the bench, bent over, on the left side it says “just do it” and the right side “nike air and the swish”. I have others like this. Not sure how old these are, at a guess I would say 1980’s, does anyone know of these.

    • Jake Says:

      Hey Anne, is the poster you’re referring to this one by any chance?

      If, so, and if you’re selling, I would _really_ love to buy it – I just find it so inspiring.


  18. stephanie Says:

    Does anyone know where I can get one of the Nike Supreme Court posters? I really want to get one for my boyfriend for his birthday! Any help would be greatly appreciated! (I would also settle for one of those Moses Malone as Moses posters!)

  19. shauna Says:

    I have one as well, Stephanie ….email me for details. shaunaann@aol.com

  20. Jeff Says:

    I have 137 sports posters from the early 1990’s. Mainly Nike, Costacos Bros. and Starline. Agassi, Bo Jackson, Barkley, Jordan, Robinson, Deion, Rice, McEnroe, Nolan Ryan, Aikman just to name a few. All but 2 in original plastic and only removed to verify. Would like to sell the entire lot as one. If you are interested email me for the entire list. jbrown561 @hotmail.com

  21. Jim Rivest Says:

    I have a Nike poster of Wayne Gretzky standing on an “ice swoosh” got to be late 70’s early 80’s.
    It is also autographed by the Great One…would you have a value?

  22. DD Says:

    Nah, but tell me what you would like for it and maybe ill purchase it….DD

  23. Patrick Says:

    Just cleaned out my garage and found several old posters from when I was a kid, including a Dr. Dunkenstein Nike poster, a poster of Hank Aaron hitting number 715 (with his stats vs. Babe Ruth’s stats on the back), and one of Bart Starr (those last two are very old and not in great shape). Lots of smaller posters from the NBA glory days as well – Magic, Bird, Isaiah, Dr. J, etc. Lastly, I have a huge collage from Sports Illustrated that includes images from a variety of sports as well as a poem about sports. Images include Dwight Clark’s “The Catch”, Herschel Walker (at Georgia), Ivan Lendl, and many others from the 80’s).

    Are these worth anything to anyone?

  24. sportseasons Says:

    Wow, the Bo Jackson poster caught my eye right away. We opened Sport Seasons in 1988, and had that poster for sale in the store and displayed for the longest time. Those were good times! Thanks for the smile.

  25. Tom Says:

    Looking for the Sports Illustrated Posters (24 x 36) of Lance Alworth, Dick Butkus and Fergie Jenkins. Anyone looking to sell?

  26. John Says:

    I’m looking for the Nike Supreme Court poster too. Anyone out there have one at the moment? jrhannah@aol.com

  27. Everett Says:

    I am also looking for the Nike Supreme Court poster, as well as the George Gervin Iceman poster where he is sitting on the chair made of ice and the Dominique Wilkins poster where he is holding a rim standing on glass. If anyone has these and are willing to sell please let me know at evcook@umich.edu

  28. Carolyn McCain Says:

    Hi – I just put a brand new Supreme Court poster on Ebay, I have 4 of them. I also have 4 or 5 of the Jam Session and the Board Room and a few Iceman posters as well. All in original packaging.

  29. roundball1 Says:

    I am looking for the poster.
    Where can I purchase one?

  30. Keith Federico Says:

    Hi. Does anyone know a website where I can order college football athletes 24×36 posters?

  31. Keith Federico Says:

    Does anyone know a website where I can order 24×36 posters of college football stadiums (Rose Bowl)?

  32. becky Says:

    hi im looking for the poster with jordan pippen and rodman its from nike its huge 73 x23 something like that its called no bull any body any idea where i might be able to buy this at it has to be in descent shape thanks becky email akita1207@yahoo.com

  33. Ryan Says:

    Looking for Nike “jam session” with the ball players on a sreetball court. Also, Moses Malone dressed as moses. Also, “supreme court”. Anybody have access to these willing to sell?

  34. I’m looking for a 1970 (?) Fergie Jenkins 2′ x 3′ SI poster. I have about a hundred sports posters (in great shape, rolled) I’m willing to trade up for. Check me out under LinkedIn.

  35. kate Says:

    Hi —
    I am looking for 20-30 vintage Nike posters/ads all sizes, great condition, could someone please contact me if you have a lot to sell. Willing to pay up.

    Thank you

    • Chip Marshall Says:

      Well, I know I have the infamous B&W Bo Jackson poster (with arms stretched across bat and shoulder pads on), unopened and sealed in plastic wrap.

    • ron Says:

      hi kate,

      i have about 25 different nike baseball posters. most in new condition. let me know if interested. i can send u pics.

  36. Alex Yamashita Says:

    hi looking for any 1990 and before nike/converse and costacos bros posters. willing to pay up

  37. ron Says:

    hi, i have about 25 different 1980’s nike baseball posters im looking to sell or trade for some basketball posters. most look brand new and no pin holes.

  38. Brian Says:

    I need the Nike wrestling poster “Wimps need not apply” Anyone got it?

  39. Jim Says:

    Looking for both the Tony Horton and Max Alvis Sports Illustrated baseball posters from 1968.

    • Chip Marshall Says:

      You can get both on eBay. The Tony Horton runs higher, but normally either for less than $25 plus shipping. I got the e-mail address of one guy if you need.

  40. Ron hit me up … give me a list of what you have

  41. beavis1122 Says:

    Eric Davis Eric Davis 7 foot sliding
    Wade Boggs Boss Boggs
    Ryne Sandberg Cornerstone
    Lance Parrish Tiger Catcher
    Tony Gwynn Hitting Machine
    Rollie Fingers & Bruce Sutter Fingers & Sutter
    Rick Sutcliffe Rick’s World
    Ron Cey Penguin Power
    Steve Sax Dodger Kid
    Pedro Guerrero Blue Thunder
    Steve Sax Sax’s
    Darrly Strawberry Cream of the Crop
    Dwight Gooden Dr.K
    Wally Joyner Wally World
    Steve Carlton & Mike Schmidt MVP & Cy (mini-poster)
    Steve Carlton & Mike Schmidt MVP & Cy
    Mike Schmidt Superman
    Will Clark Battle of the Bay
    Gaylord Perry K-Lord
    Mark McGuire Battle of the Bay
    Frank Viola Sweet Music

    whats ur email i can send some pics

  42. Matt Says:

    Looking for Lance Parrish Poster with Tigerrrrrrrr from nike.. email me at bowhunter1313@comcast.net

  43. Rick bethke Says:

    Wanted: 1968 Bart Starr Sports Illustrated poster Renselaar Corp. Will pay $300 bthkrck@yahoo.com

  44. Tom T Says:

    Can anyone tell me what information they may have on Thurman Munson posters from the 1970’s by Sports Illustrated and Studio One… did he appear more than one year and were they mail order only??
    Thanks and I appreciate it

  45. Michael Joseph Says:

    Hello fellow collectors,
    I’m looking for a 1975 SI poster of Cleveland Browns player Bob Babich. Any help or even a picture of it would be great.

  46. Kevin Says:

    I’m looking for any vintage Nike basketball posters, jam session, supreme court , ice man gervin, Moses Malone, dr dunkenstein, if u have any old posters like these , email me at Mti_kevinl@hotmail.com

  47. ron Says:

    i still have a bunch of the nike baseball posters if anyone is interested. they are in new condition.

    Eric Davis Eric Davis 7 foot sliding
    Wade Boggs Boss Boggs

    Lance Parrish Tiger Catcher
    Tony Gwynn Hitting Machine
    Rollie Fingers & Bruce Sutter Fingers & Sutter
    Rick Sutcliffe Rick’s World
    Ron Cey Penguin Power
    Steve Sax Dodger Kid
    Pedro Guerrero Blue Thunder
    Steve Sax Sax’s
    Darrly Strawberry Cream of the Crop
    Dwight Gooden Dr.K
    Wally Joyner Wally World
    Steve Carlton & Mike Schmidt MVP & Cy (mini-poster)

    Mike Schmidt Superman
    Will Clark Battle of the Bay
    Gaylord Perry K-Lord
    Mark McGuire Battle of the Bay
    Frank Viola Sweet Music

    also a few bo jacksons and some others.


  48. Arbizo Says:

    I just came upon a Michael Jordan Poster with “white Border marketcom Sports Illustrated” cant seem to find the year of it, havent seen this poster anywhere. its got a white factory signature of Michael Jordan and a chicago bulls logo top right corner, appears to be late 80’s early 90’s. Magic Johson and another unidentified Laker in the background. it was still rolled up in the original wrape and #’d identification bar. I’m wondering what its worth

  49. Freddie Says:

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    in touch more about your article on AOL?
    I require an expert in this house to resolve my problem. Maybe that
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  50. Jeff Says:

    Came across a Johnny Unitas poster in a Charger uniform..how rare are they?

  51. Michael Joseph Says:

    Hello fellow collectors,
    I’m looking to buy a 1975 SI poster of Cleveland Browns player Bob Babich. Any help or even a picture of it would be great.

  52. Kristi Says:

    I am hoping to find some information about a poster. I have looked on every site, searched every way possible and can’t find a single thing about it. In fact, I can’t even find the same poster at all. It’s an Allen Iverson Reebok poster from 1998 that says “I for an I”. If anyone has every seen this poster get back to me.

  53. Tiffany Says:

    Does anyone have any info on a Nike poster of McEnroe playing guitar. John McEnroe is across the top in red and the poster background is completely black, he is wearing a blue shirt. It has a white border with McEnroe in silver on the bottom left hand corner and a silver Nike with on right. I also have an original Runner in Clouds that I would love to know the value of.

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  64. Ryne Fueger Says:

    does anyone out there have a brian Winters marketcom poster if so let me know at fueger@tds.net thank you.

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  71. Mike Says:

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  80. Cory Says:

    Looking for Michael Jordan “Dream” poster. Anyone got one for sale?

  81. Kevin Says:

    Looking for an Eric Davis Nike perfect slide poster. Anyone have one that for sale?

  82. Joe Hibbard Says:

    I have a 2008 poster of Indianapolis colts with Marvin Harrison in it. I know that there were only 8 of these printed and they stopped printing because Harrison retired. Just trying to find out if this poster is a collectable. Thanks

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