Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Poster – Hot!

You can’t not like this one!

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Poster 2007

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders/Schedule Poster 2007 – $14.95

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7 Comments on “Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Poster – Hot!”

  1. al7anoon88 Says:

    i wish i was with them in a sweming pool

  2. brandon Says:

    i wish i was in a room alone with them

  3. cunt Says:

    this is so hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. goforbill Says:

    I think it’s a verey good poster I wish I could take a photo with them

  5. StupidGirfriend Doiron Says:

    my stupid GIRLFRIEND CHEATED on me so here she is

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