Rare Find on eBay: Fran Tarkenton 1976 Studio One/Sports Illustrated Poster

Here’s a poster that’s got a couple of collectors embroiled in a serious bidding war this weekend! From the ultra-rare Studio One poster company that produced the old Sports Illustrated posters from approximately 1973 to 1978, here’s a Minnesota Vikings beauty featuring legendary quarterback Fran Tarkenton – quite probably, the final poster release of his career:

Fran Tarkenton 1976 Studio One Poster

The photography, it appears, is from the 1975 regular-season finale in the snow at Buffalo, a big victory that launched the Vikings into the playoffs at 12-2 – a great regular season squandered just a week later with a first-round playoff disaster against the Dallas Cowboys.

At the time of posting (March 22 at 1:50pm EDT), bidding on this poster had already reached $132.50. Prices rarely reach this level for even the most sought-after old-school SI posters, so someone must know exactly how hard this one is to find! Here’s the link to the auction (note: I can’t vouch for the quality of the seller or the accuracy of the listing. This is posted for collectors interest only.)

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